25 Trendy And Beautiful Bridal Foot Jewelry Ideas


Here are 25 trendy and beautiful bridal foot jewelry ideas, from Weddingomania:  If you are a boho or just barefoot bride, you may want some accessories for your beautiful legs – instead of usual shoes. This is rather a popular idea among brides, and there are lots of ideas you may try to complement your bridal outfit. […]

26 Trendy Statement Bridal Accessories You’ll Love

Here are 26 trendy statement bridal accessories you’ll love, from Weddingomania:  Most brides choose accessories for their bridal look, that help to make the outfit stand out, actuate beautiful features and polish the whole look. You shouldn’t be excessive with accessories in order not to look tasteless, just one statement accessory will be enough. In this […]

29 Back Wedding Necklaces – The Hottest Trend Right Now

Today we feature 29 back wedding necklaces – the hottest trend right now. In order to capture that complete wedding look that every bride desires, you want to carefully select your bridal accessories. Coordinating the right choice of bridal accessories with your wedding dress, wedding shoes, colors and theme brings continuity, sophistication and style to your wedding day […]

Stylish Statement Necklaces to Instantly Update Your Look


One of the stylish new trends, both as an everyday fashion accessory as well as a wedding day accessory, is statement necklaces. Today we have some stylish statement necklaces for you to instantly update your look. You can add that chic and elegant finishing touch to your wedding day look with statement-making bridal jewelry that you […]

Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings

If your style and taste tend to be a bit unconventional and the customary diamond engagement ring is not your style, you can find an engagement ring that is both gorgeous and totally unique. There are many dazzling non-diamond engagement rings available that sparkle just as bright as diamonds. Your style may have you choosing one of the newest trend […]

6 Brides Who Wore Statement Necklaces (Steal Their Style!)


Statement necklaces are a stylish new wedding accessory trend. We have today 6 brides who wore statement necklaces – and you can steal their style! You can add that chic and elegant finishing touch to your wedding day look with statement-making bridal jewelry that you might love more than your wedding dress.  Wearing an amazing statement necklace […]