Elegant Emerald Green Nails Designs For You

Here are some elegant emerald green nails designs for you, from Nail Designs Journal:  The world of nail art is complex and surprising, what is more, it changes constantly, and that is great too since you can always pull off something different with your manicure. These days when pastel and nudes have taken over the world, […]

21 Best 4th of July Nails to Celebrate in Style

Here are the 21 best 4th of July nails to celebrate in style, from Stay Glam:  Give your nails a patriotic makeover this 4th of July with nail art! We have found 21 creative 4th of July nail ideas that use stars, stripes and the classic red, white and blue. There are many different styles included […]

Best Shades Of Lavender Color Nails For You

Here are the best shades of lavender color nails for you, from Nail Designs Journal:  Lavender color nails are going to be on the top of the most required shades when summer hits. The thing is that this nail color shade is so sweet and elegant that it is difficult to resist it even if you […]

Easy And Unique Striped Nails Ideas To Pull Of Right Now

Here are some easy and unique striped nails ideas to pull off right now, from Nail Designs Journal: What is so special about striped nails? To tell you the truth the list of suggestions may be endless but we are going to mention the most important ones. The thing is that striped manicure is very easy […]

30 Graduation Nails Designs To Feel Like A Queen

Here are 30 graduation nails designs to feel like a queen, from Nail Designs Journal:  Your graduation is one of those essential events that all of us have to go through at one time or another. Even though it may seem slightly insignificant later on – right now it is everything you can think of. That […]

Everything That You Should Know About Dip Powder Nails

Here is everything that you should know about dip powder nails, from Nail Designs Journal:  Those of you who are following the fashion and are aware of all the recent beauty trends probably already heard about the notion of dip powder nails. While the trend may appear to be pretty new – it is not, is […]