Best Ways To Decorate Your Nails With Beautiful Flowers

Here are the best ways to decorate your nails with beautiful flowers, from Nail Designs Journal:  Nails with beautiful flowers are what every girl should try at least once. Cute, romantic and stylish – that is how you can describe any flowery design. There are so many different techniques that you should try. That is why […]

21 Elegant Toe Nail Designs for Spring and Summer

Here are 21 elegant toe nail designs for spring and summer, from Stay Glam:  Spring has arrived, and summer is not far away. Now the weather is changing your fashion will too. Soon it will be time for shorts, dresses and flip flops. When wearing summery open toe shoes, you need to have beautiful toe nails. […]

Super Easy Aeropuffing Nail Art Tutorials To Do At Home

Here are some super easy aeropuffing nail art tutorials to do at home, from Nail Designs Journal: Aeropuffing nail art is relatively new, but that does not mean that it is less required. There is a list of peculiarities about it that makes it slightly different from all the other nail art techniques known nowadays. To […]

21 Gleaming Rhinestones Nail Perfection For An Incredible Mani

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The Best Business Casual Nails To Complete Your Work Look

The best business casual nails to complete your work look, from Nail Designs Journal:  Being a lady is a tough job, especially if you are also a business lady. The thing is that when it comes to business, you should always be dressed appropriately not to mention the fact that every detail matters. Your business casual […]

Fresh And Trendy Ways To Match Your Prom Nails Colors With Your Dress

Here are some fresh and trendy ways to match your prom nails colors with your dress, from Nail Designs Journal:  Prom nails are an important element of your perfect prom outfit. That is why while choosing your nails for formal occasions such as your prom there are a lot of things to be considered. Your dress […]