Wedding Inspiration Board: Lavender & Seafoam Green By The Sea


Here is a lovely lavender and seafoam green by the sea wedding inspiration board, from savvy deets bridal: What’s not to love about this color palette? It’s soft, elegant and just calms the eyes. Lavender and seafoam green pair well beautifully, especially on a beach setting. Love the use of natural lavender and greenery mixed with […]

Color Series # 11 : Pink + Yellow + Green


Reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings  Today’s color palette reminds me of lemon drops and pink roses sprawled over some green grass. It’s a wonderful mix of the gentle warmth of pink, of cheerful yellow, and of soothing, relaxing green. This palette will fill your wedding with romantic and happy vibe and at the same time […]

Color Series #10 : Red + Pink + Gold


Reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings  It’s Valentine’s week already! Okay, I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day but so as not to be such a party pooper, I have prepared a color mood board for all you Valentine’s Day lovers that will remind you of hearts, red roses, sweet candies and a bit of […]

Color Series #9 : Peach + Mint


Reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings  I will always love a light, pastel color palette… one that is illuminated by sunshine and casts a cool, fresh look that is easy on the eye. Today’s Color Series – Peach and Mint Green – will remind you of Spring, that careful time when the sun is out, and we […]

Sapphire and Silver Wedding Inspiration


Reblogged from Mariell  If you’re loving the bold, jewel tone trend that’s already so popular this year (and really, what’s not to love?) then why not incorporate it into wedding design? A sapphire blue and silver wedding is a truly classic color combination. And it would look beautiful at any time of year, from the middle of […]

Color Series #8 : Turquoise + Orange + Yellow


Reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings  These past few days have been the coldest ones I’ve experienced ever. With frost nipping everywhere – ugh, making the flowers and vegetables sooo expensive – I can’t help but miss the warm days of summer. So today, here’s a little something to remind you of it: a color palette […]