Going back in time: tulle dresses for brides who like delicacy

Going back in time: tulle dresses for brides who like delicacy

Solid fabrics were the best for mermaid dresses that made many women want to show off their curves on their wedding day, however, wedding dress designers have reinvented their designs to return to the tulle and the delicacy that this fabric can give any design. We usually see the use of tulle for the skirts […]

56 Delightful Ideas Of Using Tulle At Your Wedding

Here you have 56 delightful ideas of using tulle at your wedding; from Weddingomania We are sure that tulle is a very universal fabric and you can use it everywhere: from wedding invitations to groom’s or groomsmen’s boutonnieres. For sure it adds some softness and lightness to every wedding detail, each detail becomes more weightless when […]

20 Fashionable Tulle Skirt Outfits for Summer

Today we feature 20 fashionable tulle skirt outfits for summer. Typically associated with wedding attire and wedding accessories because of its elegant, ethereal look, tulle can also add an air of romance to your summer outfits. The very fine, often starched, netting known as tulle has been prominently featured in many of our prior posts, […]

Two-Birds Tulle Convertible Bridesmaids Dresses: Spring 2015

When you add up the cost of the bridesmaid dress, accessories, travel expenses, wedding gifts, bridal shower, bachelorette party and more, it turns out that it costs about $1,700 on average to be a bridesmaid.  After spending so much money to be a bridesmaid, many bridesmaids, looking to retain some tangible value from the wedding experience, […]

Bring On The Tulle! 5 Gorgeous Tulle Wedding Dresses You Will Love

Bring on the tulle! Today we present 5 gorgeous tulle wedding dresses that you will love. Tulle, of course, is the lightweight, very fine, often starched, netting which is a tantalizing feature of many wedding accessories such as beautiful tulle and lace wedding veils, as well as some other gorgeous ways to wear tulle in your wedding. And tulle, with […]