10 Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers have come a long way since days of old when bridal showers were viewed primarily as a vehicle for the bride-to-be to receive gifts to help provide a dowry for her if her family was unable to do so, or just to give her a good start with household items since housekeeping was the main role of the wife in those times.

As the role of women and wives has evolved so has the purpose of bridal showers.  Today, bridal showers have morphed into a rather festive way for the bride’s female family and friends to grab some girl time before the Big Day, often embracing  specific unforgettable and unique bridal shower themesfrom lingerie parties to cooking classes together, or a sophisticated high tea, a swanky champagne brunch, a casual and hilarious afternoon get-together, and even  movie-star-themed bridal showers.  Another great bridal shower theme would be a celebration of  ‘The City of Love’ – Paris, as we featured in 22 chic Parisian-themed bridal shower ideas.

Bridal showers are an absolute blast and are the ultimate form of girl time. Between the hilarious games and the sweet traditions, you want to make sure your bridal shower is something special.  Since the memories will last a lifetime it’s time to drop a hint and send this over to your bridal party besties.  You’ll guarantee the themed bridal shower of your dreams.

Here are 10 fun bridal shower ideas, from Woman Getting Married: 

Hey best friend of the bride, it’s bridal shower planning time! It can be a task to set your bridal shower apart from all the others while remembering the importance of originality and tradition. We’ve put together a list of ideas that will hopefully help you wow your bride!

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1. The Decorations

Wedding cans don’t have to just be for the post-wedding car. Designate a bride’s chair and dangle them down the back. Reuse them on her wedding day or let her keep them for a fun backyard decoration (or Christmas!).



2. The Food

You can kabob just about anything, from cheese to fruit to meat, which is perfect for everything from appetizers to entrees to dessert. We especially love the idea of Strawberry Shortcake kabobs…yum!

bridal shower

3. The Drinks

You can’t go wrong with a mimosa bar…it’s a drink you can sip on at any hour of the day. Pre-mix or let the ladies make their own concoctions. Find a fun Mimosa Bar recipe here.

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Bridal Shower Game, $4 via Etsy

4. The Games

Start a heated competition as soon as your guests walk in the door! My suggestion: use candy rings due to ring size and reward the winner with a prize. Be careful, don’t say “bride!”

bridal shower

5. The Favors

Nail polish is a great go-to. Consider buying a shade that matches one of the bride’s wedding colors. Those who plan on getting their nails done for the wedding will appreciate having the color on-hand (literally).

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Wifey t-shirt, $27.95

6. The Gift from the Best Friend

The bride will love this fun trend and think you read her mind if you get her a “wifey” t-shirt. Get her the matching “hubby” shirt and you’ll earn bonus points.

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7. The Dessert

Guests will die over this cupcake masterpiece. It adds to the décor and you can make the wedding dress as long as necessary depending on the number of guests. Try this wedding dress cupcake recipe here.

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8. The Bouquet

This is a tradition the bride won’t want you to forget. She’ll need something to hold as she walks down the aisle during the rehearsal, and who doesn’t appreciate a little reuse and recycle? Try this DIY wedding ribbon bouquet tutorial here.

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9. The Party Memory

Have the group collaborate to create a memento for the bride. This game of Jenga can be used again and again. Have each attendee write a memory, saying, best wish or date idea on one of the blocks.

bridal shower

10. The ‘Let’s Help the Bride’ Activity

Have everyone at the shower write their name and address on a blank envelope. This will save the bride a lot of time for ‘Thank You’ notes for the bridal shower and wedding gifts.