Here are 10 of the best lotus flower tattoo ideas; from Glaminati

Lotus Flower Tattoo: Best Ideas And Placement

There are many variations of a lotus flower tattoo, but they all have one thing in common: they look simply wonderful.

Various religions and cultures view the lotus tattoo differently. Thus, in Buddhism, the lotus is the definition of purity, piousness of a person’s soul. Ancient Egyptians considered lotus to represent reincarnation, the origin of life. Chinese people connect lotus flowers with inspiration drawn by artists and poets to create masterpieces. It is also viewed as the demonstration of marital harmony and pure femininity. In the west, the lotus flower is related to searching the reason to live. Westerners also see this flower as a special symbol of rebirth and a new beginning.
Tempted to get a lotus tattoo? Discover some ideas of its placement and design!

Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoo With A Diamond

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Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoo With A Diamond #purplecolor #diamondtattoo

With its increasing popularity, it is important that you know the lotus flower tattoo meaning before you have it placed on your body permanently. While there are various colors you can have your lotus flower in, it is also important that you realize each color has a specific significance, as well. If you choose a purple color for your lotus flower, then you make the statement that you are exploring a path to spirituality. It is also significant to mention that people often get this color flower after experiencing some type of human suffering. These beliefs are based on the Buddhism standards. Incorporating a diamond tattoo inside your lotus flower has also become extremely popular.

Small Lotus Flower Tattoo

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Small Lotus Flower Tattoo #blacktatto #minimalisttatto

If you consider a minimalist tattoo, the lotus flower is still an option. A black tattoo outline of a lotus flower is a possibility for you. These can be placed in various locations on the body and still be attractive. There are various tattoo designs of the lotus that have a variety of meanings. You could get a bud, a half open or a full blooming lotus and change the meaning of your tattoo. The simple black tattoos are popular for the lower extremities like the ankle or foot area.

Beautiful Lotus Tattoo On A Wrist

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Beautiful Lotus Tattoo On A Wrist #wristtatto #blacktatto

Another beautiful option for the placement of the lotus flower tattoo is the wrist. This option is most popular when considering tattoo ideas for women. The wrist has quickly become an increasingly popular location for tattoo placement of all types whether symbols or phrases. Wrist tattoos most often do not contain color and typically consist of black ink. Various flower tattoo designs have different meanings, so it is important to research these before having them placed on your body permanently. While the tattoo removal is an option, it is not only costly but can be painful, as well.

Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo

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Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo #simpletatto #outlinetatto

The example in the above photo is an easy tattoo design. While some may consider it simple, its design is neat and classy without becoming overpowering and extravagant. The outline tattoo is increasingly popular among people who are obtaining their first tattoo. They tend to choose this option due to the reasoning that the pain one may feel will be reduced due to not having to endure the coloring process. While outline tattoos are popular on a variety of areas of the body, they are most often seen around the areas of the lower legs and feet as well as the wrist and hand area.

Black And White Lotus Tattoo On A Shoulder

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Black And White Lotus Tattoo On A Shoulder #shouldertattosmalltatto

Here you will find a representation of a black and white lotus flower shoulder tattoo. At first glance it appears to be an outline tattoo but on closer inspection you can see the shading and color that has been added to the design. As with most symbolic colors, white represents purity. So, this white lotus flower is boasting of this lady’s spiritual purity. Shoulder tattoos are somewhat popular, but most shoulder tattoos appear on the back of the shoulder rather than the front of the shoulder. In about half the cases, if you are talking about one tattoo on the shoulder area, it will be a small tattoo. The other half of the cases are usually when the tattoo ties in to a larger piece of work such as a sleeve or themed tattoo design.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design On A Leg

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10 BEST LOTUS FLOWER TATTOO IDEAS TO EXPRESS YOURSELF | Lotus Flower Tattoo Design On A Leg #legtatto

This lotus flower black tattoo is a fairly common design. Especially pertaining to its open design and placement on the leg. In reference to the leg tattoo, which is growing in popularity, the lotus flower has become very high in demand. There are various tattoo ideas that can be blended to create a one of a kind tattoo that could be uniquely yours.

Cute Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo

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10 BEST LOTUS FLOWER TATTOO IDEAS TO EXPRESS YOURSELF | Cute Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo #watercolortattoo #purpletattoo

Once again in this example the pastel coloring of the lotus flower leans to the watercolor tattoo. The soft coloring of the petals of this purple lotus tattoo is a beautiful piece. While this tattoo is placed on the forearm, it would also work well as a hand tattoo. Notice that this flower is only partially opened, which also means this particular person is on a quest to reach a goal.

Lotus Flower Side Tattoo

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Lotus Flower Side Tattoo #sidetattoo #uniquetatto

There are many lotus flower tattoo designs. Most of which only use the detail of the petals to focus on, while some add geometric designs or additional embellishments. This tattoo adds a new aspect of the lotus flower to focus upon, which is often overlooked and left out. This pink lotus flower is supported by its stem, which is the very item that is typically overlooked in these tattoos. This would be considered a unique tattoo idea due to the fact that the stem is typically not incorporated in most lotus flower tattoos.

Beautiful Pink Lotus Tattoo Flower

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10 BEST LOTUS FLOWER TATTOO IDEAS TO EXPRESS YOURSELF | Beautiful Pink Lotus Tattoo Flower #backtattoo #geometrictattoo

When it comes to lotus flower tattoo designs, this design is rather intricate and has a tremendous number of details. With its attention to detail and embellishment of dangling jewels, it makes for a perfect back tattoo. This tattoo is nearly in full bloom and its intricacies make it a very good choice when it comes to tattoo ideas.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Foot

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Lotus Flower Tattoo Foot #foottattoo

This tattoo of a lotus flower foot placement is a fantastic choice for this size and design of tattoo. When considering a tattoo for your foot, it is important to pick small tattoo ideas. You don’t want to choose a large tattoo that is too much for this area of the body. This model has added a tiny tattoo on the opposing foot to complement the tattoo on her other foot. Both of these designs work well together.