10 Chic Wavy Bob Haircuts

Check out these 10 chic wavy bob haircuts, from Styles Weekly:

So, you’re thinking about getting a new hairstyle and the first one that comes to mind is a bob.

Thing is, most of the pictures of bobs that you’ve seen before are ones that feature straight hair—so you wonder if it really is the best look for you.

Boy, are you gonna be glad that you’re looking at this feature! That’s because if your hair has a natural wavy pattern (or you want to wear your hair with some loose waves in them thanks to a curling iron or braids), you’re about to see 20 different bobs that make wavy hair look soft, feminine…simply beautiful.

1. Buttery blonde wavy lob

Celebrity short wavy hairstyle


Buttery blonde. It’s a color that’s really popular on the runways and in the blogs right now. After taking a look at this picture, we’re pretty sure that you can understand why.

2. Wavy/curly bob

wavy bob hairstyle


Black hair has a way of having so much sheen which makes it look super healthy and really sexy too. If your hair is not naturally black, make sure to constantly deep condition it. When you dye it this color, it has a tendency to strip a lot of your hair’s natural moisture.

3. Honey wavy lob (with blonde tips)

short ombre wavy bob haircut


Here’s a really nice wavy lob. The honey coloring with the blonde tips make it look beach-ready. Even if it’s the dead of winter.

4. Stana Katic Wavy bob with side part

Stana Katic short curly bob haircut


Side parts are (hair) trending right now. Here’s how it would look with a wavy bob.

5. Wavy bob with long layers

curly bob hairstyle


Hairstyle ideas for black women – This looks so big, full and healthy! A part of what makes it this way is the fact that there are long layers all throughout it.

6. Brunette wavy lob

Short messy dark brown wavy bob haircut


Here’s another hair color option that you might want to consider. Brunettes are beautiful. Simple as that.

7. Inverted wavy lob with chunks of blonde color

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for women


This is a great wavy hair style! Our favorite part is how long the pieces are in the front. And the icing on the cake? The big chunks of blonde coloring throughout the top and front.

8. Julianne Hough “Barely there” wavy bob

Chic short blonde wavy bob haircut


If you only want a hint of waves, set your hairdryer to low and then run it through your hair for a few minutes. That’s what will give you these results.

9. Copper wavy lob

Beachy Wavy bob hairstyle for short hair


When it comes to the “red family” of hair color, copper is HUGE right now. It’s a shade that’s absolutely stunning in the sunlight.

10. Pieces of blonde wavy bob

Cute short bob hairstyle with waves


If you want to play around with blonde a bit without doing anything too drastic, you can add pieces of blonde hair color to the ends of your wavy bob.