10 Different Swimwear Options for This Summer

Summer is one of the times of the year that we enjoy the most because it is synonymous with beach, friends and vacations for many.

But for women being prepared for this time can be a headache. Every year fashion brings us new trends and there is a piece in our closet that also needs to be renewed and it is our swimsuit.

We want to share some ideas that can help you plan what swimsuit you need according to your body and preferences.

Scroll down and pin your favorite to wear this season!

One Piece Swimsuits

One piece is a forever fashion swimsuit that has a vintage look. One piece swimsuit flatters the body and women who don’t want to flash too much of skin can definitely pick these one.

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High Waisted Swimsuits

This is a vintage trend but is useful for every body shape, can give you confidence and make you feel stunning.

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Two Pieces Swimsuits

If your frame is athletic and slender with narrow shoulders and hips, show off your slim shape in a bikini. Add volume to your hips and boobs and if you’re feeling brave (with a figure like yours, why not?), dare to bare in a skimpy string bikini.

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There’s always an option for pregnants…

Thes best option is always a two piece swimsuit that make you comfortable. And can give you the great opportunity of take an amazing picture like these one.

And the most important thing and you don’t have to forget is that doesn’t matter the type of swuimsuit that you use, you have to love your body and feel good with it.

Let us know on the comments, wich is your favorite idea!