10 Gorgeous Hanging Wedding Floral Arrangements

There are many creative wedding decor ideasthat you can choose from in order to  personalize your wedding decor such as hanging wedding decorationsand a wedding table overhang as well as other imaginative types of wedding decor.

And you can design your wedding décor to express your individuality while still being practical and not breaking the bank, by concentrating on a few wedding decor hacks you probably haven’t thought ofOr if you are looking for a do-it-yourself wedding decor project here is a DIY turorial for a wedding chandelier and fern overhang

Gorgeous suspended, or hanging, wedding decorations, such as flowers, lanterns, lights and chandeliers, are a growing wedding decor trend. Hanging wedding decorations provide an aura of romance and luxury to any wedding ceremony or reception.

Here are 10 gorgeous hanging wedding floral arrangements, from Wilkie: 

There are few people (set aside gardeners, florists, and botanists) who appreciate a gorgeous floral display as much as a bride does. Yes, an eager bride-to-be often spends hours upon hours searching, Pinning, purchasing, and arranging her wedding flowers until they are in tip-top shape for her big day. And while she may furiously search for the *next big thing* in floral designs to frantically text her bridesmaids at 1 a.m. (she desperately needs her girls’ opinions!), one piece of décor that no bride should go without is the hanging floral arrangement.  These elaborate displays of flora and fauna made their entrance onto the wedding scene this past summer and we definitely have taken notice. And now that September has crept up on us, we’ve got a few tricks to turning this blooming, outdoor summer reception piece into an all-year round, all-encompassing staple for any wedding’s décor: