10 Groovy Long Hairstyles

Today we present 10 groovy long hairstyles, from Long-Hairstyles:

Long hair may be the most feminine and flattering hair for women but you may find it hard to style your hair and finding new hairstyles that you like. You can create really adorable, chic, eye-catching or unique styles by getting new hairstyle tips from our gallery.

Every girl has their own style, whether you have long or short hair you can emphasize your style by creating new hairstyles. If you like bohemian or romantic styles braided hairstyles can be a good idea for you. Messy fishtail braids are great for a bohemian look, on the other hand, you will look really adorable with a half updo with braids if you like romantic styles.

Adding hair accessories to your hairstyle is perfect for women who want unique and eye-catching looks. Bun styles are also a great idea for summertime, the messy bun can be sported for casual looks. Double bun and the half bun is also another choice for young women.

1. Very Long Hairstyle

Long Hairstyles for Girls

2. Braided Long Hair Style

Long Hair Styles for Girls

3. Amanda Seyfried Simple Long Hairstyle

Amanda Seyfried Long Hairstyle

4. 2017 Two Bun Long Hairstyle

Long Hairstyle

5. Kylie Jenner Long Hair High Bun

Kylie Jenner Long Hairstyle


Long Hairstyle


Long Hairstyle


Long Hairstyle


Long Hairstyle


Long Hairstyle