10 Lush Summer Wedding Flower Ideas

Here are 10 lush summer wedding flower ideas; from Brides

Ah, summer weddings. Each season has its pros and cons, and of course there are myriad reasons why summer is a wonderful season to get married! Pros: The weather is beautiful (con: as long as it isn’t sweltering), the days are longer, and overall everyone’s mood is about 10+ happiness points above what it was around wintertime. Plus, there are sooo many beautiful flowers in blooming season which makes making floral decisions for your wedding that much easier! Summer is a season of abundance and lushness, so don’t be afraid of also mixing in lots of greenery to your arrangements to mimic your natural surroundings! The more abundant, the better, in our book. And color! Sure, summer is a versatile time for flowers so you can choose lots of different color palettes—from monochromatic whites to pretty spring-y pastels—but it’s also a time that everything is alive and buzzing in nature, so it’s a fun time to experiment with some more vibrant options.

Regardless of your style and the vibe of your wedding, we’ve got some floral inspiration for you!

10 Lush Summer Wedding Flower Ideas

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

We love this mix of sherbert-y blooms mixed with pale greenery.

10 Lush Summer Wedding Flower Ideas

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Yale, Flowers by Designs by Ahn

Have fun with your bar arrangements! Have your florist do something with winding greenery and asymmetrical roses to really make a statement.