10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach

Check out these 10 summer earrings you should wear at the beach; from Society 19

Choosing the best summer earrings that you can wear at the beach can be a challenge, as you work to balance practicality and style!

Here’s a list of some of my top picks to make you stand out at the beach this summer!

Pearl Studs

Pearls are a major trend in the jewelry scene as we begin approaching spring, and they are expected to continue to propel in popularity moving towards the summer! A simple pair of pearl studs are so easy to throw on, and they add a level of class and sophistication to your outfit (or swimsuit), making them a great choice as you hit the beach this summer!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Dainty Hoops

Dainty hoops will forever be one of my first choices when it comes to earrings! Something about teeny, dainty earrings is just such a simplistic statement that is perfect for your summer beach day!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach

Seashell Earrings

Seashell earrings are definitely a bit of a novelty statement when it comes to earrings for the beach! However, the seashell trend is growing in popularity and all things seashell are currently being seen on fashion runways, so don’t count them out when you are choosing a cute pair of earrings this summer!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Classic Diamond Studs

Classic diamond studs simply do not get nearly as much recognition as I feel they deserve. Whether you are into massive stones or dainty diamonds, they really are a girl’s best friend! Rock a pair of diamond studs to your next beach day and you’ll definitely be making a statement when they catch the sunlight perfectly and give off an effortless shine!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Resin Earrings

Resin earrings are still at the height of popularity in the world of jewelry trends! While these might be a bit more of a statement than some of the other options on this list, they are a great lightweight, fun option when you are putting together a cute outfit for the beach this summer! One of my personal favorites are light pink resin earrings, but the options are endless!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Crescent Studs

Small crescent studs are such a timeless piece that are easy to pair with absolutely any outfit! If you aren’t someone who likes to specially plan out a specific pair of earrings for each outfit, but still want to appear put together, these might be the perfect choice for you! Moon stud earrings have been around for quite a while, and I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon! Grab some crescent studs, and hit the beach!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earrings are a fun option when you are feeling a bit creative! Matching a dangling earring with a stud, or simple two mismatched studs, they are a playful take on your typical pair of earrings, making them a great choice for a summer beach day! As this trend grows in popularity, stores are beginning to offer mismatched earring sets, but you can always put together your own set as well!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Chunky Gold Hoops

Chunky gold hoops are another pick that are just too trendy to leave out of this list! I wear a chunky pair of hoops nearly every single day, so why wouldn’t I want to wear them to the beach? Something about these earrings just complete any look with a perfect level of edginess, so throw on some chunky hoops and hit the beach this summer! You’ll be an effortless style sensation, I promise!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Floral Studs

Floral studs are currently gaining momentum as we approach the spring season, but I predict that they will only become more and more popular as spring transitions to summer! This being said, they are a perfect option for your next beach day! Whether you decide on small, intricate floral studs a larger pair of drop earrings, floral earrings of all kinds are a great option for the beach this summer!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Bar Earrings

Bar earrings are a really great option if you are an individual with multiple earrings! They are fun to play with in different places on your ear, and compliment any of the other earring options on this list! Luckily, they also make a spare at statement completely on their own, if you’re a single piercing type of person! Regardless, bar earrings are super cute, trendy, and complete any beach day look!

*10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach


Now that you have some options of great summer earrings, hopefully you’re feeling a bit more prepared as you start planning your beach day ensemble! Let us know what you think of these choices in the comments!