11 Wedding Day Details Every Bride Overlooks



You want your wedding to be an event that will make your family and friends proud while still entertaining your wedding guests. To do so, you should incorporate some creative, out-of-the-box details that will make your wedding fun

But sometimes in your effort to plan for every thing for your wedding, there are things you may overlook. Here are 11 wedding day details that every bride overlooks, from SHE Finds: 

When planning your wedding, you will tackle the big items first, like band, photographer, and venue. But what about all those little details, the ones that get lost among the planning process? Such as planning the perfect entrance (and exit), picking out your chairs, or occupying your guests between the ceremony and reception. They are easily overlooked but incredibly important to your smooth-sailing, perfect-weather wedding day (here’s hoping!).

Here are 11 wedding day details every bride overlooks:

A grand entrance. First impressions are everything, espcially when are getting introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the very first time. Make it grand! Make it magical! Make THE impression. Hint: Plan out where and when you will make this appearance (and tell your photographer!).
Signage & directions to venue. Just because you have visited your wedding site twenty times, does NOT mean your guests will know how to get from ceremony to the reception. Instead of letting your coordinator/MOH/Mother be bombarded by all the “where is the…” questions, put up signs to direct your guests to the most important places of the evening (like the bar). Hint: rustic looking signs make for great pics!
Guest book. Make sure this is dropped off the day before or the morning of (or even mail it to your coordinator a week or two prior, if you have one). We know it seems slightly antiquated, but in the end, it will be fun to flip through and see who was there for you on the special day. Hint: Buy a pretty pen to go with it!

Lighting. This seemingly small detail will make all the difference on the mood of your wedding so pay attention! Are you having an outdoor wedding? Consider the timing of the sunset and where you will need lights once the sun is down. Inside? What kind of lighting will you have at the table? Overhead? The last thing you want are harsh, watty glares from overhead hotel ballroom lights. Hint: Hire a specialist, at least for consultation. toilet1-300x400
Restrooms. Like the signage tip, make sure the restrooms are accessible and easy to find, especially if you have an elderly relative with a cane or in a wheelchair. Consider stairs and crowding. Hint: Decorate the restrooms with monogrammed hand towels of your newlywed initials!
The Bar. Where the bar is located is more important than you think. This is a high traffic area and brides need to consider how accessible the bar is and how many bartenders there are in relation to guests. You don’t want guests waiting in lines for a drink! Hint: Try a double sided bar or split bars into liquors versus beer.
Cake Table. You spent weeks (heck, months!) deciding on your cake decoration and flavor. Now do it justice with a proper cake table so everyone can admire the details. Plus, you and the groom need to cut (and face smush) the cake together and that means photo op! You will want a pretty display for the pictures alone. Hint: Add other sweets and goodies to the table!

Chairs. We know, caring about chairs seems a little silly. But take it from a real life bride – they matter These will be in your photos and people will be sitting in them for part of the night (you don’t want squirming guests during the speeches!). Hint: Talk to your venue about what they supply and offer.

Occupy Guests

Occupy your guests. Many weddings have some lag time between the ceremony and the reception and it is very important you think about what they will do during this time. People have traveled far and wide for you, so don’t make them stand around, wondering what’s next. Hint: Set up games or a photo booth!


Designate a collector. Guests will be handing you things left and right (like wads of cash and checks in envelopes) and you do NOT want to lose the goods. So designate a ‘collector’ person. Someone like your coordinator, maid of honor, or even a parent or sibling will happily collect the items and put them in a safe place. Hint: If you set up a gift table, you will avoid all the hand offs.


The exit. How will you and the new Mr. exit? Streamers? Sparklers? Into a get away car? This is the last memory your guests will of you so plan something. Hint: If you are an all-night kind of couple, plan a great exit from the ceremony site!