10 Wedding Food Station Ideas That Your Guests Will Go Crazy For

A growing trend for how you serve your wedding food is the wedding food station.  Wedding food stations are an attractive change of pace from the traditional sit-down style wedding reception. Its a popular way to let your wedding guests serve themselves while deciding on their own when and what they want to eat.

So today we are presenting 10 wedding food station ideas that your guests will go crazy for, from Colin Cowie Weddings:
The hottest trend in catering? Food stations! They mix the best parts of buffets with the most elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner. Trust us, your guests are going to love this! Food stations take away the sloppy cafeteria feel of a buffet, but still keep all the delicious options coming.

Plus, you get the fabulous presentation of chicly plated dishes and the fine attention to ingredients that makes a sit-down dinner shine. Take a look at the most fabulous ways to do food stations.
1. French Fry Station.
What could be more delicious then a French fry station?! Offer a variety of fries from curly to waffle to sweet potato and don’t forget the condiments! Ketchup, honey mustard, truffle mayo anything goes with this fun food station! French Fry Wedding Food StationCourtesy of: Top-Brett Alison Photography; Bottom Left: Kate Webber
2. Cheese Station.
Talk about a new twist on the classic cheese plate. Including a variety of hard, soft and creamy cheeses is a guarantee for a food station that guests will gobble up!Wedding Food Cheese Station Courtesy of Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations, Catering by Joe’s in Venice

3. Biscuit Station.
 What’s better than biscuits? Guests will delight in these baked treats accompanied by a choice of delicious spreads.Wedding Food Biscuit Station Courtesy of: Top-Catering by Design; Bottom-Omni Hotels
4. Popcorn Station.
Crunchy, chewy and oh-so satisfying guests will be popping over to your popcorn station! Try fun flavors like caramel and cheddar and don’t forget the seasonings!Wedding Food Popcorn Station Courtesy of Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio & Design
5. Raw Bar.
Keep things cool with an iced raw bar. Instead of piles of seafood, think “grab and go.” Whimsically plated clams and oysters on the half shell and jumbo shrimp are sure to have guests going in for seconds.Wedding Food Raw Bar Station Courtesy of Colin Cowie Celebrations
6. Mac & Cheese Station.
Macaroni and cheese is always a crowd pleaser and it’s sure to be a definite hit at your wedding! All you need is a heaping helping of creamy mac and cheese and a variety of toppings for guests to build their own bowl!Mac & Cheese Wedding Food Station Courtesy of Paramount Events Chicago
7. Salad Station.
Say goodbye to boring salad. A salad station is a chic twist on one of the most classic starters out there. It’s fresh, fun and totally fabulous.Salad Wedding Food Station Courtesy of Ehow Home
8. Sushi Station.
Get the party rolling with a sushi station. This always-popular idea offers perfect bites that are easy for guests to pop into their mouths while balancing a cocktail in the other hand. Sushi Wedding Food Station Courtesy of Beyond Sushi
9. Wedding Brunch Station.
Everyone loves brunch and your wedding is no exception! Pastries, bagels, smoked salmon and spread are a great way to wish your guests a very good morning.Wedding Brunch Food Station Courtesy of Colin Cowie Celebrations
10. Soft Pretzel Station.
Pretzels aren’t just for sports games! Guests will be thrilled to be greeted by a soft pretzel station at your reception. Keep ‘em coming back for more with different flavors and dips.Soft Pretzel Wedding Food Station Courtesy of: Top-Ram Caterers ; Bottom-Tennison Photography -Melissa Hammam