11 More Hot Easy Short Haircuts

Today we present 11 more hot easy short haircuts, from Pretty Designs:

One of the biggest mistakes that girls can make is believing that they must have long, flowing locks to look feminine and sexy.

Although long hair can, of course, look absolutely stunning on all sorts of girls, you don’t need to rely on this style to look your personal best.

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes warm weather and plenty of fresh new styles. For this reason, now is the best possible time to take the plunge and go for a gorgeously short haircut.

There’s no going back once you opt to lop off your long locks, so it is hugely important that you choose the perfect style for you. Whether you go for a sleek bob or a choppy pixie crop, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration here in the 11 pretty short haircuts.


1. All About the Back

One of the best things about rocking a pixie cut is that it is a rare opportunity to flaunt the back of your hair. Keep the layers of your white blonde crop short and stacked if you really want to keep the drama in the back.

2. Pastel Blue Reverse Ombre

When most of us picture ombre hair with a bold color, we image a natural shade with a rainbow hue at the bottom of the hair. Reverse ombre flips the style upside down by beginning with the bold color and fading into something more subtle. This pastel blue, graduated bob proves just how incredible reverse ombre can look.

3. Super Short

Keep your pixie cut super short and cropped with a few subtle layers if you want a haircut that is incredibly easy to manage while still looking stylish.

4. Undercut With Uneven Layers

This super edgy cut is the perfect blend of sexy and tomboyish. Rather than a gradual fade, go straight from a shaved undercut to choppy, tousled layers to keep your style exciting.

5. Cool Toned Crop

Here is another example of just how beautifully pastel blue hues go with short pixie cuts. This color is the perfect blend of vibrant and subtle, and is sure to look cool on girls of all skin tones.

6. Side Sweep

Keep it flattering with lots of long layers and some face framing side bangs. This cut is versatile enough for you to switch up the style whenever you like but short enough to remain easily manageable.

7. Scruffy Layers

If your short pixie cut is stacked with layers in the back, don’t feel like you always have to spike them up. Your crop can look just as stunning and structured when your brush your layers downward, keeping them tousled and a little bit messy. Find more short hairstyles here.

8. Wine Red Highlights

Ever wondered whether you can play around with fun colors like this purplish shade of wine red, but stay sophisticated and work-appropriate?  A few highlights of the shocking shade through side bangs looks both understated and eye-catching.

9. Extra Short Graduated Bob

If you’re growing out a cropped pixie, or even if you want the benefits of both a chic bob and a super short cut, this look could be ideal for you.

10. Jagged Cut

Unleash your inner punk princess by trying out this contrasting, edgy cut. You’ll have to be pretty confident to pull off such a bold crop with a pale blue tint.

11. Extra Long Bangs

Keep the front fringe of your dramatically angled crop super long. The extreme A-line in this cut allows you to enjoy both long, feminine locks and short spiky hair at the same time.