12 More Red Long Hairstyles

Here are 12 more red long hairstyles, from Long-Hairstyles:

It’s true that only two percent of the population inherently have red hair, but that doesn’t mean more women can’t enjoy this excited, energetic, head-turning hue.

From rich coppery tones to deliciously deep ruby, here are the most glamorous red long hair styles every flame-haired vixen needs to keep her locks looking bright and sleek.

Red hair color is eye-catching; it’s mysterious and sexy, a little exotic and interesting, too. And recently, it’s everywhere.

So to make sure that you get completely what you want, check out these 12 Red Long Hairstyles and get inspired!

1. Scarlett Johansson Side Parted Soft Copper Red Hair

Scarlett Johansson Soft Copper Red Hair Color

2. Bright Red Hair with Bangs

Bright Red Hair Color

3. Ashlee Simpson Trendy Red Copper Hair

Ashlee Simpson Trendy Red Hair Color

4. Red Very Long Straight Hair

Red Long Straight Hair Color

5. Red Wavy Very Long Hair

Red Wavy Long Hairstyles

6. Red Highlighted Long Wavy Hair

Red Highlighted Long Hairstyles

7. Bright Red Hairstyle

Bright Red Hair Color

8. Cute Red Hair with Bangs

Cute Red Hair Color

9. Henna Red Long Straight Hair

Henna Red Hair Color

10. Dark Bright Red Hairstyle

Dark Bright Red Hair Color

11. Gorgeous Red Layered Hair

Gorgeous Red Hair Color

12. Long Red Hair

Girls Red Hair Color