12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute

Check out these 12 summer outfits to keep you cool and cute; from Society 19


Summer is easily the season of fashion phenomenons; the perfect time to vamp up your outfits to keep you cool and cute all season long. When looking at the latest summer outfit trends, the possibilities seem to be endless. From unique culotte pants to jumpsuits, rompers and more, there is just so much to choose from. To help you come up with the most killer wardrobe this season, we’ve put together a list of 12 summer outfits to keep you looking funky fresh!

1. Colourful Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits and one piece summer outfits are simply a girl’s best friend, in their comfort, ease and flare. They are so easy to slip on, style and rock all summer long, especially on a day out in the city, or on a cool summer night out. Coming in a variety of bright, fun and fresh colours, these babies go perfectly with a pair of booties or just some casual sneakers!

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute



2. Knee Length Skirt With A Casual Tee

Can you just imagine yourself strolling around town in a flimsy cheetah skirt, a comfy light tee with some sneakers and an iced coffee in hand? We sure can! This is one of the most effortlessly chic summer outfits you can find, and let’s be real, what says “casual-chic” than a simple cheetah print outfit? Just grab a subtle black purse and you’re good to go.

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


3. Ruffle Skirt And Tank Top

One of the most underrated fashion secrets is the “high-low” rule. A “high-end” piece paired with something more “low-key.” In this case, the plain white tank is the “low” and the beautiful ruffle-detailed red skirt is the “high.” Nothing says summer louder than a gorgeous mini skirt, and this one without a doubt is our favourite to pair into a cute and cool summer outfit!

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


4. Tube Top And Wide Legged Printed Pants

This is one of our most beloved summer outfits and here’s why. This modern twist of “boy meets girl” chic is a blend of a feminine top with a more masculine bottom. The top is utterly flattering to the upper body, while the wide legged printed pants keep you comfy and cool all season long. Hold on to a throw-over jacket for the road and smile for the camera because all eyes are sure to be on you!

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute



5. Matching Shorts Sets

It’s a matching set; do we really have to say anything else? This cute matching yellow shorts set is the epitome of effortless summer outfits. Let’s be honest, ladies. When it’s a hundred degrees outside, as much as we want to look like we tried, we really don’t want to try. So, grab yourself a pair of these beauties and go crazy under the sun!

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


6. Button Up With A Denim Skirt

If you’re looking for a unique outfit idea for the summer, this mix of business and casual is the way to go. An off the shoulder button up isn’t just easy to pair, but it’s easy to “diy” as well. Yes, we’re literally telling you to roll the shirt off your shoulders, trust us, it’s fashion. For the bottoms, just throw on a simple denim skirt and top it off with a dark belt and some dainty jewelry. Fashionista who!?

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


7. Floral Dresses

Are you really doing summer right if you’re not wearing a dress every once in a while? That’s right, it’s time to bring out those dresses from the depths of your closet and give them some life. Off the shoulder floral dresses are not only flattering to the body, but to the mind, making them one of the most elegant and sophisticated summer outfits. All you need now is a beautiful garden or an aesthetic brick wall for that popping instagram feed!

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


8. Tie-Up Shorts And Short Sleeved Button Ups

This modern paperboy meets girl who spends all her time reading Shakespeare in a corner of a book store look is an absolute must for your summer wardrobe. The essence of simplicity mixed with a hint of “nerdy” makes this one of the most adorable summer outfits out there. Just be sure not to stain that white shirt when taking a sip out of your vanilla latte at the coffee shop.

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


9. Tie-Up Tops With A Mini Skirt

We just can’t get enough of these mini skirts, especially in this lively summer weather. Tie-up tops are not only super in right now, but they’re “in” for a reason. Perfect for a hot sunny day, these breezy tops keep you cool and flatter your body to the max. And once again, can you ever go wrong with a good cheetah print skirt?

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


10. Ruffle Crop Tops And Button Down Skirts

First you saw button up shirts and now we’re giving you button down skirts. No joke going on here, these things are real, and they are so trendy in the latest world of fashion with their comfortable and airy fit and flare. Add on a girly ruffled top and maybe a hot pair of sunglasses while you watch those heads turn. Are we complaining? Never.

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute



11. Cami Slip Dress With A T-Shirt Underneath

A dress paired with a basic white tee underneath; it’s real and we’re here for it. This trend has been going on for a while now and it probably will live on for quite some time, making it one of the most ongoing trends in summer outfits. With just one simple step, this layering makes any dress look casual enough for the ultimate girl-on-the-go vibe!

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


12. Button-Up Shirt Dress

Here at Society19, we are big fans of versatility, and that’s why this final summer outfits look is one of our favourites. You can simply never go wrong with a light oversized button up shirt worn as a dress, paired with a gorgeous belt, some detailed jewelry, or just a sun hat and some sunglasses. There is just so much to do with it, the opportunities to look fabulous are endless!

*12 Summer Outfits To Keep You Cool And Cute


So, which one of these summer outfits will you try out to keep looking cute and cool under the sun? Tell us about your favourites in the comments below!