15 More Beautiful Engagement Party Looks (for the Bride)

Today we present 15 more beautiful engagement party looks for the Bride, from Styles Weekly:

One of the best things about being a bride-to-be is that there are so many events leading up to the wedding to celebrate you and the love that you have for your darling.

Take the engagement party, for instance. Even if you do plan to go the traditional and classic route of wearing white to the ceremony, it’s actually just as appropriate to wear it to the party as well. (You are the bride, after all!)

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few other popular hues that you could try. That’s why we’ve enclosed several formal, semi-formal and even casual dresses in all styles and colors for you to consider.

That way, you can find a dress that is just perfect for the occasion.

1. Two-Piece Maxi Dress

Two-piece maxi dress

Two-piece maxi dress/via

This two-piece maxi dress is so…ultimate. Your guests will want to get one just like it. Just make sure they get it in another color than white. (White is your color.)

2. One-Shoulder Chiffon

One-shoulder chiffon

One-shoulder chiffon/via

One-shoulder chiffon is very regal. The gold embellishments makes it quite modern.

3. Vintage Ivory And Floral

Vintage ivory and floral

Vintage ivory and floral/via

If you always dreamed of wearing a vintage dress to your engagement party but you don’t want to get anything out of your grandmother’s closet, how about a silk number like this one? The floral print on it makes it extra-special. And memorable.

4. Boho Beautiful

Boho beautiful

Boho beautiful/via

Here’s another Boho-inspired look that is a bit more casual than a lot of the other gowns. But who said that casual means having to go without looking super fashionable? The embroidery on the back of this dress is aesthetically-appealing too.

5. Short, Light Pink And Tulle

Short, light pink and tulle

Short, light pink and tulle/via

Pink is another color that is associated with brides and weddings. Everything about this particular dress says “engagement party”.

6. Cocktail Dress With A Detailed Back

Cocktail dress with a detailed back

Cocktail dress with a detailed back/via

Do you have a summer engagement party coming up? A cocktail dress made out of linen with this kind of detailing on the back will create a second-t0-none look.

7. Ruching All Over

Ruching all over

Ruching all over/via

This is another casual winner. The material is casual. But the fact it’s strapless and has ruching all over still makes it a perfect (engagement) party dress.

8. Beautiful Rose Gold

Beautiful rose gold

Beautiful rose gold/via

This is one more way to try rose gold. That neckline is so delightful and delicate.

9. Bejeweled Back

Bejeweled back

Bejeweled back/via

This is the kind of dress that is full of surprises. Plain and white in the back. Unbelievably adorned in the back.

10. Pretty Flowers And Lace

Pretty flowers and lace

Pretty flowers and lace/via

Would you like to combine so many “bridal looks” into one? This dress can make that happen. There’s white, there’s pink, there’s flowers and there’s lace. A wonderful fashion medley without being too overwhelming.

11. V-Neck Maxi Dress

V-neck maxi dress

V-neck maxi dress/via

Brides are allowed to bring out their sensual side. And the low V-neck on this white maxi dress does it oh so well!

12. Pleated And Sleeveless

Pleated and sleeveless

Pleated and sleeveless/via

Another kind of dress that works for any time of day is a pleated and sleeveless party dress. (It would be really cute as a bridesmaid dress too!)