15 Best Yoga Poses For Relieving School Stress

Check out these 15 best yoga poses for relieving school stress; from Society 19

With midterms barely ending and finals coming up you can feel the stress rising. Never mind the reason to your stress, the important thing is finding ways to relieve it. These 15 yoga poses will not only relieve school stress, you will also feel much more relaxed by the end of it!

1. Child’s Pose

This pose allows you to melt into the ground. One of the best poses to start with because it sets the intention of relieving stress.

child's pose

2. Warrior One 

A power pose to bring in positive energy. You will feel like a warrior.

Warrior One pose (Virabhadrasana One) Credit: Freepik

3. Warrior Two

Extend arms to the side to obtain strength. This will help your mind feel confident.

Warrior Two Pose

4.Mountain Pose

To be a mountain is to be big, steady, and grounded. A strong stance of commence and growth.

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5. Ragdoll

Holding your arms allows you to drop your head and feel the tension unfolding. Literally, letting go of the weight in your shoulders.

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6. Upward Dog

A pose that allows you to take a breather because of it’s need to inhale and exhale to feel relaxed.

“Better to live one year as a tiger, then a hundred as sheep.” Madonna

7. Downward Dog 

When doing this pose you’ll get everything in your body working. This is a good resting point to get a breather.

Downward Facing Dog Adho Mukha Svanasana

8. Pigeon Pose 

This pose gives you a spiritual energy feeling and a sense of meditation that makes you want to breathe in.

pigeon pose yoga

9. Double Pigeon

Aka, good for the glutes pose. This works many parts of your body and isolates the muscles leaving a feeling of relaxation.

12 yoga poses for tight hips - photo: double pigeon

10. Yogi Squat 

Expands and aligns your spine. While this may make you feel like you’re in a weird pose, it actually gets you to get closer to the ground, which makes you feel more grounded like you have things under control

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11. Thread the Needle Pose 

This pose will make you think on your spine rather than your stress.  It is a relaxing pose for your shoulders and helps you create space within you shoulders. Not only that, but it also helps you remove tension and create space.

Young attractive woman in thread the needle pose, grey studio

12. Cat Pose

Flex your spine to feel intimidating like a cat. This way, your stress will feel intimidated. It is a flexion of your spine, creating space for your back.

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13. Cow Pose

The counter-pose of cat. Interchange between cat and cow pose to feel the flexibility in your back.

Cow Pose - Lower your belly and lift your chest. Stay grounded through your hands as you broaden your shoulders. Lift your gaze to look forward or up, and hollow out your lower back. Drop your shoulders away from ears. Alternate between cat and cow two or three more times.

14. Happy Baby

Pose on your back with hands on your feet and knees bent with knees towards your shoulder gripping your feet. This may be an awkward pose, but it certainly will get you to smile.

Happy Baby It’s not likely you will ever hear a baby complaining about hip pain. So, make like a baby and lie flat on your back, grab hold of both feet with each hand, bend the knees and pull them toward your armpits. Once in the proper position rock side to side, keeping your head on the floor. This will externally rotate and stretch the hips, loosen the inner groin muscles, and help realign the spine.

15. Corpse Pose

Last but the best pose of all. Quick! Play dead. This allows you to lay flat on the ground and relieve all the poses you just did, feeling satisfied that you’ve accomplished these poses, hence feeling less stressed.

Corpse Pose - Yoga Poses For Stress And Anxiety - Photos

With these yoga poses, you’ll be sure to forget about your stress for a bit and maybe even relax your tension. Even if you don’t do them perfectly, the objective is to get you to do it and feel less stressed, and if not, definitely get you to crack a smile. Try them!