15 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Décor

There are many wonderful options to personalize your wedding decor by using creative wedding decorsuch as hanging wedding decorationsand other types of unique decor.

Here are 15 ways to personalize your wedding decor, from Weddzilla: Every bride knows that it’s the little details that can differentiate ordinary weddings from the extraordinary. Décor is just one of the ways in which the happy couple can express their individuality.

The great news is that you can add tiny unique touches, while still being practical and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here are just some of the different ways to personalise your wedding that guests will love.

1. Welcome cocktail

As a welcome drink when guests congregate to join you, offer them a choice of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic made to your favourite recipes. The best part is that not only can drinks make a colourful and stylish centre-piece, quite often they are cheaper than champagne. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could consider having personalised stencilled glasses.

2. Amazing seating

Who says that your wedding seating has to be laid out in strict formation like a conference hall? You could consider using a variety of different comfortable chairs in all shapes and sizes, or play with the seating arrangement. How about getting married in a circle of chairs rather than taking to the front of the stage? That way you can marry surrounded by love.

3. Tableware

Go wild with tableware! Whether its mismatched teacups from your local antique bazaar or a colorful array of different wineglasses picked up from a local charity; when arranged as a well lit stack, or set out on the tables, they are sure to catch the eyes of your friends and family. The added benefit is that nobody will lose a drink!

4. Dinner arrangements Don’t waste your precious time agonising over seating plans and whom it’s appropriate to seat where. Mount a chalkboard of message in a gorgeous frame at the entrance and instruct your guests to mingle and sit where they like.

5. Leave us a note!

One of the downsides of weddings is that the bride and groom are so overwhelmed with well-wishers, there’s no time to sit and make conversation with them. Here’s a great way of allowing guests to leave a personal message. It’s also a wonderful keepsake for the couple, and a joy to read after the honeymoon.

6. Written note runner

On the day of your wedding you promise to stand by your vows. But you could also stand on them. Personalise the aisle with words that mean something to you. It could be a verse from your favourite song, or the bride and groom could leave messages for each other to read while they are waiting to say ‘I do’.

7. Framed photos

There is so much you can do with images of loved ones. A collection of framed photos could make up the centrepiece of the dinner table, or perhaps be arranged in the entrance hall for guests to browse while they sip champagne. They can be used to represent those who are unable to attend, or be a talking point for those that can.

8. Wedding canopy

You might not be able to dine under the stars where you get married, so create your own starlit scene with a lit wedding canopy. Perfect for hanging in marquees or draping over a frame on an outdoor terrace. Soft lighting will ensure that all of your guests still look their best as the evening wears on.

9. Path of roses

Roses have always been a symbol of love and romance. Better yet they smell heavenly. If your budget will stretch, a path strewn with petals is the perfect way to make an entrance. If they are not easy to come by where you are, silk and artificial alternatives are available and you won’t have to worry about keeping them fresh.

10. Something for the children

If you have a lot of kids attending your wedding, help keep them occupied during the speeches. Bundles of crayons and paper could add to a colourful table setting, or consider hanging small toys from the backs of their chairs.

11. Fairy walkway

Indoors or outdoors, strings of fairy lights can be used to make a magical path from one part of the wedding to another. Not only will they look fantastic in photos, they can be used to help your guests navigate as the light grows dim.

12. Lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to personalise a venue and add a splash of colour. If you’re on a budget you could consider paper lanterns, or even ask guests to contribute a homemade lantern to the event.

13. Tie it up with ribbon

Cheap as well as chic, ribbon is easily available everywhere. There are plenty of printers online who can put your own special words on any kind of decorative ribbon. Use them to tie up sets of cutlery, or add bows to wine glasses.

14. Dancing shoes

Weddings are usually about making big entrances, but consider your guests as they make their exits after a night of vigorous dancing. Adding a quirky container of flat shoes for your female guests shows that you’ve truly thought of everything. Whether it’s a bucket of colourful flip-flops or a pretty flowered rack of delicate lace slippers, your bridesmaids will thank you again and again.

15. Personalise the dance floor

Have fun with stick-on foils! Whether you’d like a dainty design in keeping with your elegant table settings, whacky geometric shapes or dance steps to guide you across the floor, your imagination is the limit.