17 Useful Wedding Cheat Sheets For Any Bride-To-Be

So now that you are engaged to get married, there is so much planning to do!

There’s the wedding guest list and invitations and save-the-date cards. There is also the choice of wedding venue, wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding decorations and more.

Also you have to decide on the wedding party and whether you are going to have an engagement party.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to check some of the many wedding planning guides and tips that exist.

So to help you out today we are featuring  these 17 useful wedding cheat sheets for any bride-to-be, from Buzzfeed: 

1. For when you need a start-to-finish to-do list:

For when you need a start-to-finish to-do list:

See the full checklist at PopSugar.

2. For when you’re figuring out dress basics:

For when you're figuring out dress basics:

From Simply Bridal.

3. And favorite fabrics:

And favorite fabrics:

Find even more wedding dress explainers here.

4. And for when you actually start shopping:

And for when you actually start shopping:

Natalie Brown / buzzfeed.com

Full guide here.

5. For when you’re breaking down your budget:

For when you're breaking down your budget:

Find budget breakdown sheets for for everything from attire to stationery here.

6. For when you’re looking to cut costs:

For when you're looking to cut costs:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Real-life advice from newlyweds who came in below budget here.

7. For when you’re DIY’ing the decor:

For when you're DIY'ing the decor:

Chris Ritter / buzzfeed.com

More printables here.

8. For when you’re choosing a photographer:

For when you're choosing a photographer:

From Wedding Party.

9. And for when you’re prepping the shot list:

And for when you're prepping the shot list:


Tons of photo ideas here.

10. For when you’re building your playlists:

For when you're building your playlists:

Christina Lu / buzzfeed.com

Several playlists — for every moment of the wedding day — here.

11. For when you’re deciding on food:

For when you're deciding on food:

Jenny Chang / buzzfeed.com

Feast-worthy Ideas from couples who ~dared to dream~ here.

12. And cake:

And cake:

13. For when you’re figuring out flowers:

For when you're figuring out flowers:

From The Knot.

15. For All Things Rings:

For All Things Rings:

From Hitched.

16. For when you’re setting up your registry:

For when you're setting up your registry:

Registry hacks here.

17. And for (awesome) downtime on the big day:

And for (awesome) downtime on the big day:


More here.