18 Long Curly Hairstyles

Check out these 18 long curly hairstyles, from Long-Hairstyles:

Natural curly and long hair might seem a little bit of intimidating for women with curly hair but it looks definitely gorgeous and effortlessly chic.

Whether it is natural or curled hairstyle is very popular and lots of women like to adopt this style from time to time. If you have naturally curly hair you need to use hair products that will help you to prevent frizz and hair breakages. This way you can achieve a flawless look with curly hair. Women who don’t have naturally curly hair can use a curling iron to create nice soft curls, it would look much more better on thick hair.

Long and curly hair would look best with a little bit of layering, light layering will help you to style your hair easily. Heavy layers will cause frizz so you should avoid that.

Now it is the time to take a look at the best black and curly hair ideasblack women love these looks, on the other hand, any woman who likes curly hairstyles can get an inspiration too.

1. Long Curly Hairstyle

Curly Blue Black Long Wave Virgin Tint Lace Curls

2. Long Hair Perm

Curly Long Day Black Women Virgin Up Perm Lace Curls

3. Long Dark Hair

Black Long Dark Curly Wave Virgin Up Lace Curled Body

4. Malaysian Curly Hair

Curly Natural Long Kinky World Women Weave

5. V Shape

Curly Long Curls Shape

6. Pretty Hair From The Back

Long Black Curls Trend Pretty Curly Braided

7. Kinky Hair

Curly Kinky Natural Very Tips Soft Pretty Curls

8. Long Hair Layers

Long Black Wave Up Retro Line Layers Goals Curls Colors

9. Long Curly Hairstyle

Long Waterfall Goals Dark Braid Black

10. Long Hair

Up Ombre Long Goddess Black Balayage

11. Prom Hair

Prom Long Curly Curls Black

12. Brazilian Hair

Twist Natural Strand Locs Kinky Curly Brazilian Braids Braided Box 30

13. Fall Hair

Curly Long Women'S Natural Lace Goals Fashion Fall Curls

14. Natural Curly Hair

Curly Natural Long Lace Loss Kinky Half Grey

15. Big Curly Hair

Curly Natural Virgin Rizos Kinky Curls Big

16. Red Lips

Red Lips Black Wave Tips Selena Long Eye Curly Brazilian

17. Rihanna

Rihanna Long Curly Black

18. Cute Hair

Curly Natural Virgin Kinky Curls