20 Fabulous Fall/Winter Nail Trends

Check out these 20 fabulous fall/winter nail trends, from Styles Weekly:

There are some women who, unfortunately, do not put as much effort into their nails during the colder seasons as they do in the warmer ones. Being that they’re hands are in gloves and their feet are in boots, they seem to think that making mani/pedi appointments should not be quite a much of a priority.

But with all of the holiday events and parties that tend to happen during the fall and winter, along with the damage that color weather can do to your hands and feet, we’re hoping that by sharing with you some of these fabulous fall and winter nail trends, we’ll be able to convince you to make a spa or salon appointment. At least a couple of times each month…in the upcoming months.


1. Rounded Nails

Rounded Nails

Rounded nails/via
  Get a nails similar to the ones above: Full French Nails Light Nude Round Artificial False Nail Tips with Black Stripe ($3.99)  

For the woman who spends a ton of time on the computer—and let’s be honest, that’s a lot of us!—rounded nails on the shorter side is a beautiful and convenient way to do them.

2. Neutral Nail Colors

Neutral Nail Colors

Neutral nail colors/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Orly Breathable Nail Color, Nourishing Nude ($3.99)  

If you don’t like red or loud colors, that’s OK. Neutral nails are getting quite a bit of attention these days.

3. Metallic Nail Art

Metallic Nail Art

Metallic nail art/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Minx Nails, Silver Chrome ($15.99)  

On the other hand, if you’re all for having a set of nails that truly stand out, don’t just pick a metallic color. Get a bit of metallic art to go right along with it.

4. Sunset Nail Color Tones

Sunset Nail Colors

Sunset nail color tones/via
  Similar nail polish used above: China Glaze Nail Polish, Love’s A Beach ($3.99)  

Do you always hate to see summer go? If so, you can always look at your hands (or feet) and reminisce a bit if you decide to go with a sunset color tone. Especially if it’s ombre.

5. Creative French Manicures

Fabulous Fall/Winter Nail Trends

Creative French manicures/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Pure Silver Holographic Nail Polish ($10.00)  

French manicures are always going to be in style. But if you want a fun and festive look for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, try going with some creative designs!

6. Geometric Nail Designs

Geometric Nail Design

Geometric nail designs/via
  Similar nail polish used above: 3 Kleancolor Nail Polish Diamond Glitter ($6.92)  

Geometric looks are big in clothing. And as you can see, they’re also trending when it comes to nail designs too.

7. Jewel-Colored Hues

Jewel-Colored Nail Hues

Jewel-colored hues/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Revlon Nail Enamel ($3.97)  

It would make sense that jewel-colored nails would be popular during the fall and especially winter seasons. Maybe it’s just us, but they look a lot like the ornaments that hang on Christmas trees.

8. Dark Nail Art

Dark Nail Design

Dark nail art/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Matte Top Coat Gel Nail Polish ($5.99)  

Goth fashion is causing quite a stir this fall and winter. Perhaps that’s why dark nail art is following suit.

9. Blue Colored Nails

Blue Colored Nails

Blue colored nails/via
  Similar nail polish used above: ZOYA Nail Polish ($10.00)  

Blue glittery nails. Does anything say “let it snow” (on your nails), quite like this look does?

10. Gold Nail Polish

Gold Nail Polish

Gold nail polish/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Gold Holographic Nail Polish ($10.00)  

During the cooler seasons, there is certainly a lot to celebrate. Get your nails in on the celebration by painting them a festival shade of gold!

11. Short Nails

Short Nails

Short nails/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Orly Nail Lacquer French Man, Sheer Nude ($8.42)  

Short nails are in. But don’t let that be an excuse to do nothing to them. Keep them short but think outside of the box when it comes to how you design them.

12. Matte Nail Finish

Matte Nail Finish

Matte nail finish/via

As far as the finish in nail polishes, although shinny is always cool, people are going to know that you’re super fashion-knowledgeable if you opt for matte instead. (That navy-and-gold combo is really on point!)

13. “Negative Nail Space” Manicure

"Negative Nail Space" Manicure

“Negative nail space” manicure/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color ($0.49)  

If you’ve heard of a “negative nail space” manicure but you’ve never really been sure of what it is before, basically it’s the kind of design where a part of your natural nail is showing. It’s a unique look that’s getting a lot of attention among nail technicians right now.

14. Black-And-White Nail Designs

Black and White Nail Design

Black-and-white nail designs/via

So are black-and-white nails. We choose to feature this particular look because when it comes to clothing, the houndstooth pattern is everywhere!

15. Metallic Nails

Metallic Nails

Metallic nails/via
  Similar nail polish used above:Inverlee Flow Gold Mirror Chrome Effect Nail Polish ($3.29)  

We already showed you some metallic art, but if you like silver or gold but you don’t want to be quite so dramatic, you can simply get your nails painted in one of those colors.

16. Dark Ombre Nails

Dark Ombre Nails

Dark ombre nails/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Golden Rose Matte Nail Polish Top Coat ($4.59)  

What a deep and mysterious way to wear ombre nails. We love it!

17. Slate Nail Polish

Slate Nail Polish

Slate nail polish/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Color Club In True Fashion Nail Polish, Gray, Muse ($12.99)  

Slate is pretty popular right now and so we had to showcase some slate nails.

18. Grey Nail Hues

Grey Nail Hues

Grey nail hues/via
  Similar nail polish used above: China Glaze Nail Polish, Concrete Catwalk ($7.39)  

In fact, not only is slate big but so are all of the hues in the grey family. Pick one.

19. Swirl Nail Designs

Swirl Nail Design

Swirl nail designs/via
  Similar rhinestones used above:4640pcs Nail Crystals Flatback Rhinestones ($38.58)  

Here’s another creative way to wear a French manicure. Simply add a few swirls to the tips.

20. White Nails

White Nails

White nails/via
  Similar nail polish used above: Cote Toxin Free Nail Polish  

Snow tends to come along with cold weather so it would only be fitting that white nails would be a feature. It’s a pretty look and we really like the “love” message on the side. After all, sharing love throughout the holiday season is what fall and winter are all about!