20 HOT Wintertime Shoe Trends to Look Out For

Here are 20 hot wintertime shoe trends to look out for, from Styles Weekly:

If you, like most women, love all-things-shoes and it’s time for you to get your wintertime shoe collection in gear, this is the article that you’ve been looking for. That’s because whether you’re looking for something to protect your feet from the freezing cold or something to wear to those upcoming dressy holiday parts, you’re going to see some of the biggest trends that will have your feet looking super hot! Not matter how cold it may get.

1. Fringe boots

fringe boots

Fringe boots/via

When it comes to fashion, it really is all about fringes. You’re going to see fringes on purses, on jewelry and yes, even on shoes. One of our favorites is to see them on boots that are just like this pair.

2. Velvet shoes

velvet shoes

Velvet shoes/via


How many compliments would you get with a pair of heels that are made out of velvet when you’re in your little black dress? We promise you that you’ll lose count.

3. Cowboy boots

cowboy boots

Cowboy boots/via

Boots are always big during the winter season. Cowboy boots are awesome because they are something that you can kick around in on your comfy and casual days.

4. “Iced out” heels

iced out heels

“Iced out” heels/via

Yeah, it actually makes a lot of sense that “iced out” (clear) heels would be in season during the time when there’s snow and ice outdoors.

5. Furry heels

furry heels

Furry heels/via

Although typically fur is not a big part of fashion when it comes to shoes, this season it is. And since it’s such an outrageous trend, in our opinion, be as outlandish as possible. The wilder, the better!

6. Lace-ups



On the days when you really don’t want to wear much more than jeans and a sweater, you can still look super-fashionable with some lace-up shoes like these.

7. “Toe cap” heels

toe cap heels

“Toe cap” heels/via

Trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for work? How about a pair that have toe caps?

8. Furry booties

furry booties

Furry booties/via

We already showed you some furry heels. Next up: Furry boots. Awesome for if you have a winter vacation coming up.

9. Slingbacks

sling backs


Slingbacks are the kind of shoes that never really go out of style. This coming winter, just make sure to get a pair with either a platform or stiletto heel.

10. Metallic heels

metallic heels

Metallic heels/via

Your feet will look just like the silver ornaments that go on your Christmas tree each year if you decide to buy a pair of metallic heels. (How festive!)

11. Latex boots

latex boots

Latex boots/via

Whoa mama! What more needs to be said when it comes to latex boots. (Isn’t that what Santa’s belt is made out of?)

12. Peep-toe pumps

peep-toe pumps

Peep-toe pumps/via

For the super sophisticated woman in you, don’t forget to pick up some peep-toe pumps. You’ll be able to wear them, stylishly so, well after the trend passes.

13. Patchwork boots

patchwork boots

Patchwork boots/via

Yeah. Not everyone can pull off some patchwork boots. But if there’s a bit of a hippy in you, then you should certainly give ’em a try.

14. Mules



Mules are great because they are a nice fashion statement. Plus, they look great no matter what the height of the heel is.

15. Sculptured heels

sculptured heels

Sculptured heels/via

We picked some of the most unique looking sculptured heels by design. Basically to encourage you to use your imagination when it comes to them.

16. Chunky heels

chunky heels

Chunky heels/via

If you live an area where tons of snow and ice is pretty much eminent, just think about how much traction you’ll be able to get with some chunky shoes like these? And the best part is that you’ll still be able to rock a pair of heels in the process!

17. Thigh-high boots

thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots/via

Thigh-high boots. Perfect for your leggings or super-skinny jeans. Or a leather mini-skirt.

18. Socks and sandals

socks and sandals

Socks and sandals/via

The funny thing about fashion is that there are times when things that used to be considered super-tacky suddenly become super fashionable. Take this look for example. It’s certainly one way to put on your favorite heels while keeping your feet warm, wouldn’t you say?

19. Contrasting colors

contrasting colors

Contrasting colors/via

The mark of a great pair of shoes is when you can’t stop staring at them. Like these with the contrasting colors, for instance. And we also like that there are contrasting materials too (suede and reptile).

20. White shoes

white shoes

White shoes/via

Grandma probably told you not to even think about wearing white after Labor Day. This year, bring her up to speed by buying her a pair of white shoes for Christmas.