20 Long Hairstyles With Bangs For Your Statement Looks

Here are 20 long hairstyles with bangs for your statement looks, from The Right Hairstyles:

Some women are not able to grow long locks no matter how hard they try. If your hair grows long, you should, certainly, be proud of your treasure and take advantage of all the styling opportunities it offers to you. With long mane they are unlimited. The full range of updos and downdos from the simplest to the fanciest ones are at your disposal. To pair your lengthy locks with bangs or not is a matter of your preference. Commonly, bangs make you look younger. They can bring out your eyes, render your appearance a mysterious look or correct your face shape if needed. Here are 20 gorgeous looks with long hair and bangs you can draw inspiration from.

What Kind Of Bangs To Pair Long Hairstyles With?

Blunt cut horizontal bangs conceal a high forehead and make an oblong face appear visually shorter. Therefore, such bangs are not recommended for broad faces. If your face is round or square it will look much better and more like an oval with side bangs.

Styling Suggestions For Long Hair With Bangs

  • Loose free-flowing styles. It’s an amazing feeling when a light breeze is gently caressing your tresses, occasionally throwing a few locks on a side of your face or sweeps all of them to one shoulder. This season you can rock anything from scrunch-and-go looks to beach waves.
  • Half up half down styles. At those times when your hair is getting too annoying, falling on your face, the easiest way to tame it is to braid the top tresses, leaving the back hanging freely. Below there are some creative on-trend suggestions.
  • Updos. Here we think of all kinds of buns and knots, first of all. These days they are not perfect, messy and rather loose than tight.
  • Downdos. A side fishtail or a low pony would be a couple of worthy suggestions for this category. Further there are more diverse ideas.

Long Hairstyles With Bangs

 #1: Horizontal Waterfall Braid

To diversify your long hairstyles for straight hair try a loose waterfall braid running horizontally at the back of your head. It’s also going to keep your long tresses from falling on the face.

#2: Simple Back-Wrapping Braid

Or try a simple thin braid that imitates a headband and sits tightly on your head. Full bangs, covering your forehead will blend harmoniously into this hairstyle. And highlights are very welcome as well.

#3: Glossy Bun

A glossy bun is also a good companion for bangs, especially if you have such a beautiful hair hue. To make it look more modern try not to sleek your hair too close to the scalp when making a pony for your future bun.

#4: Feathered Long Hairstyle

You’ll need a shaggy layered haircut with asymmetric arched bangs for this hairstyle. Wash your hair and scrunch it, applying a curl-enhancing product while it’s still wet. Let it air dry. Style the bangs and the front locks, covering them with a blow-dryer.

#5: Bulky Bun From A Fishtail

Here is a nice and easy summer hairstyle on the basis of the currently popular fishtail braid. Wrap it into a messy bun at the nape. Looks awesome, especially on long hair with ombre.

#6: Natural Waves With Full Bangs

Natural wispy waves are a good match for full straight bangs below the eye-brows. If your hair is straight, you can fake the natural curls with a curling iron. Mess them slightly for a final touch.

#7: Nonchalant Look With Side-Swept Bangs

A long haircut with angled layers and scissor-thinned ends will do fine for this effortless long hairstyle. Sweep your long bangs to one side and leave the side locks scattered over the shoulders: cute and spontaneous!

#8: Hilary Duff Blonde Scrunch&Go Style

Blow-drying with a diffuser on thin locks often works the best to achieve this “scrunched” look. Note that you do not need to comb your hair previously. Better run your fingers through it.

#9: Silky Chocolate Waves

This gorgeous hairstyle features curly ends for the face framing tresses and straight arched bangs with thinned ends. Treat your locks with a shine-enhancing product for a luxurious glossy effect.

#10: Rough Waves For Long Layered Locks

Thick hair needs layering to alleviate the weight. Besides, on the basis of such a haircut you can style your tresses into gorgeous rough waves complimented with long side-swept bangs.

#11: Loose & Bumped Red Curls

Use a 2’’ curling iron to get this fun loose curl pattern for long locks. If it’s also a gorgeous hair hue, like this one, your hairstyle may easily overshadow any complicated and fancy updos for long hair.

#12: Bella Thorne Loose, Sleek & Radiant

With a successful color and healthy hair you can keep your long hairstyles pretty simple. Just flat iron the bangs and sweep your mane to one side for a superb radiant look like this.

#13: Chic Ombre For Long Straight Tresses

One of the latest takes on the ombre trend suggests beginning the transition of color much higher than we are used to, closer to the roots. As we see, this technique works great for long straight hair.

#14: Loose Unkempt Waves

Loose unkempt waves in the spirit of bedhead styles look fresh and sexy. How you can achieve them depends on your hair texture: for some of us a curl enhancer on wet locks and no combing will be enough.

#15: Messy Bun & Short Heavy Bangs

A messy bun for long hair is a salvation on hot days when you can’t enjoy your free flowing styles. Note that today the messier your styles are the better. And you can certainly pair a bun with any kind of bangs you like and find flattering for your face.

#16: Beach Waves

And, of course, I couldn’t forget about another popular trend of the current season. Beach waves look awesome on longer lengths with bangs or without. This cute redhead is rocking them with chic and taste.

#17: Messy Knot At The Nape

On the days when you want to open your neck and maybe wear some fancy earrings this effortless trendy style will be right to the point. Remember that it shouldn’t be ideal or too tight.

#18: High Messy Bun

A messy bun on the crown is another way to tame your luxurious long mane. It can be paired with side bangs or straight fringe, veiling the forehead across.

#19: Pony With A Bouffant

A Ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles suitable for long hair. To make a usual pony a little bit fancier, make a bouffant and add thin side braids. By the way, you can use the ends of the braids instead of elastic.

#20: Taylor Swift Silky Shiny Locks

With this breathtaking shine and color you need to keep things easy: wispy bangs to accentuate the eyes and free flowing satiny locks swept to one side are awesome and do not need any additional frills.

Well, these were some suggestions for your seasonal experiments. Hope they will help you to create bright head-turning looks:)