20 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses You Should See

When you add up the cost of the bridesmaid dress, accessories, travel expenses, wedding gifts, bridal shower, bachelorette party and more, it turns out that it costs about $1,700 on average to be a bridesmaid.

After spending so much money to be a bridesmaid, many bridesmaids, looking to retain some tangible value from the wedding experience, then wonder if they can wear their bridesmaid dress again. So today we have 20 stylish bridesmaid dresses you should see.

In the past we have offered many suggestions for bridesmaid dresses, such as the patterned bridesmaid dress lookthese beautiful, stylish bridesmaid dresses or these Grecian-style bridesmaid dresses or one of these 4 hot-off-the-runway bridesmaid dresses your friends won’t hate wearing  And here are some gorgeous emerald and gold ideas for your bridesmaids’ dresses and accessoriesAnd if you are wearing a vintage-style  wedding dress, then your bridesmaids can rock one of these vintage 1920′s-style bridesmaid dresses

Check out these 20 stylish bridesmaid dresses,  from MODWedding:

There are a couple really good reasons why I’m liking the Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses. My favorite part? This stylish design house offers an At Home Try-On Service. Pretty much, you spend $10 per order to try on the dress without having to step foot in a bridal salon. Sweet … unless, of course, you’re the type of gal who needs to try on 20 dresses before you find the right one. Kennedy Blue also allows you to mix and match the styles, a feature that is right on time for the new styling trend.

Check out a few of our favorite styles, and then click the link at the bottom to browse EVEN MORE bridesmaid dresses!