21 Cool and Trendy Tiny Tattoo Ideas

Here are 21 cool and trendy tiny tattoo ideas, from Stay Glam: 

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Then you are in the right place!

We have found 21 tiny tattoo ideas. Small designs like these are great if you want a new tattoo especially if it is your first tattoo and you are nervous about getting inked.

There are designs for every style whether you want cute, stylish and more.

Take a look to find your favorite!


First on our list is this beautiful lotus tattoo. A lotus like this is small and minimal. It is only one color and uses few lines which means it won’t take long for the tattooist to complete. Lotuses are a great choice if you are looking for something dainty and feminine.

Tiny Lotus

Source: @gabbycolledge


Love cats? Then our next pick is for you! This design features a small cat outline and a heart outline. A tattoo like this will look cute on anyone. You could have this design inked in so many ways. The cat could be smaller/bigger, in a different pose or maybe in a different color. Simple tattoos like this can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

Cute Cat

Source: @enfamarilene


Unicorns are cute and magical. So, it is no surprise that unicorns have become popular tattoo designs. Our next pick features a small cartoon style unicorn. A design like this is perfect for someone who is looking for a fun tattoo. You could have your unicorn designed to suit you and you could even add some color. The unicorn featured is great for inspiration.

Mini Mystical Unicorn

Source: @avieiratattoo


Floral tattoos look very pretty. When choosing a design, you don’t have to choose big blooms with vibrant colors, you could choose something minimal like this rose. This rose tattoo is small, dainty and beautiful. It only uses black to which gives it a stylish look. A tattoo like this will suit any age and style personality.

Small Rose Tattoo

Source: @pachamama.arte


Love music? Then our next idea might be for you. This tiny tattoo features three small music notes inked behind the ear. It is a cute little design that is subtle and trendy. You could have a tattoo like this inked in other places on the body like the wrist. Instead of three notes you could have one, two or more.


Looking for a tiny tattoo that is creative and unique? Then you will love this tattoo. It features three cute cactus designs. A tattoo like this is fun and could be recreated in many ways. You could just choose one of the designs and you could even add some color.

Cute Cacti Tattoo

Source: @kirathehuman


Swallows are classic tattoos. Our next idea features a small black ink swallow design. It is a trendy tattoo that will suit anyone. A tattoo like this can also be added to in the future. You could have a colored in design like this or maybe even try an outline.


Our next tattoo idea features an ocean wave design that has been inked on a wrist. A tattoo like this is perfect for anyone who loves the beach and the ocean. There are so many wave designs that can be created so you can choose one that suits your unique style. A splash of blue color would also look awesome.


If you want a design that is quirky and unique then this tiny tattoo could be for you. The tattoo is a small paper boat. It is very cute and stylish. This design also shows that you can have a lot of detail on a mini tattoo. For a more vibrant look you could even add some color.

Tiny Paper Boat Tattoo

Source: @jesussong


Our next tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves stargazing and space. The design features small moon phases inked in a line. It is a subtle tattoo and it would suit anyone. You could have this recreated with just one moon phase or go for the whole set. We love this space tattoo!

Mini Moon Phases

Source: @indiapia.tats


Tattoos can have a lot of meaning to a person, especially tattoos with quotes. You can have any quote turned into a small design. When choosing a quote for a tiny tattoo choose a short quote with a dainty font. The tattoo featured is subtle, minimal and stylish. It is great for inspiration.

Small Quote Tattoo Design

Source: @lisa_m_marshall


Just because a tattoo is small doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement. This next tattoo has been placed on the finger. Finger tattoos are very trendy but cannot be covered easily. It is perfect for people who want to show off their ink all the time. The design is intricate and stunning. It is a beautiful and small piece that would suit anyone.

Stylish Finger Tattoo

Source: @twrtroermond


Looking for something dainty and colorful? Then this next tiny tattoo idea may be for you. It features a small pink flower that has been placed on the ankle. A tattoo like this would be a cute first tattoo. It is stylish and can be covered easily. You could have any flower designed, just choose your favourite.

Cute Flower Design

Source: @rubywhiteart


We love this next pick. The tattoo features a small dandelion seed. It just reminds us of wishes. Something like this would suit anyone and it could be placed almost anywhere on the body. You could have one dandelion seed or a few. Maybe start off with one and in the future, add more.

Dandelion Seed Tattoo

Source: @tattoos_by_axe


If you liked the moon tattoo from earlier in the post then you might like this one to. This one features the moon but only in one phase and it only has the outline. The half-moon outline is very cute and subtle. You could have this ink put anywhere.

Small Moon Tattoo

Source: @simsitattoo


Want a floral design that is creative? Then our next tattoo is for you. This pick features a black ink flower with a funky flower head. It is a unique piece that would look awesome on anyone. You could have any flower designed in this way. Maybe even add some color for a more vibrant finished result.

Creative Flower Design

Source: @plaaashtattoo


Our next tattoo idea is this cute mini sun. The tattoo is very minimal with only one color used. Even though it is simple it is very stylish. The sun is a symbol of positivity so your tattoo will not only look great but it will also give you a positive vibe.


Shine bright like a diamond with a tiny tattoo like this one. It features a simple diamond design in black ink. A tattoo like this is trendy and cool. This one has been placed on the arm but you could have it put anywhere. You could also add in some color for your unique design.

Trendy Diamond Design

Source: @rizeinktattoo


If you liked the lotus design from earlier in the post then you might like this one to. It features a similar simple lotus only this has been colored in. The colors used are soft but vibrant. Adding color to your lotus will give it a unique look. You could add any colors just choose your favourite.

Vibrant Lotus Tattoo

Source: @west4tattoo


Here is another small rose design. This one is more detailed than the other one we featured. It has leaves and thorns and the rose looks more realistic. This is another tattoo that shows just because it is small doesn’t mean you should lose detail. You could even add some color to your design. A splash of red would be beautiful. You could even have it tattooed a little smaller.

Chic Rose Tattoo

Source: @helenaktattoo


Last on our list is this adorable panda. Something like this would be great for anyone who loves pandas and animals. You could have a panda created in any pose. This is one is simple and cute. It could be placed anywhere on the body. We love this awesome panda!

We hope you have been inspired by these tiny tattoos!