21 Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyles

 Here are 21 gorgeous super short hairstyles, from Styles Weekly:

A woman who decides to wear really short hair is a woman who sends out a really bold message. Without saying a single word, she can walk into a room and convey boldness, confidence and a kind of signature style that will make her truly unforgettable.

So, if you’ve been thinking about going short, our suggestion is to not be timid about it. Go all out! With a few pictures for inspiration (and the right stylist), you might even surprise yourself when it comes to how beautiful (and unbelievably sexy) you will look!

1. Spiked super short cut with red highlights

Spiked Super Short Hairstyle

Spiked super short cut with red highlights/via

Is your hair thick and straight? If so, this spiked cut might be the right look for you. Especially if you decide to add some red highlights (which are really popular right now).

2. Platinum super short pixie

Platinum Super Short Pixie Hairstyle

Platinum super short pixie/via

Pixies don’t get too much shorter than this. They don’t get much more adorable either. (Love the headband!)

3. Super short clipper pixie cut

Super Short Pixie Hairstyle

Super short clipper pixie cut/via

This is another variation of a pixie cut. Only there’s a lot more length in the front and up top while it was clipper cut in the back. (We really like the two-tone coloring too.)

4. Super short “slick wet” cut

Super Short Slick Wet-Cut Hairstyle

Super short “slick wet” cut/via

Did you know that wet-looking hair is a trend right now? Chances are your friends don’t either. Educate them (and make them a bit envious too) with a cut like this one.

5. Morena Baccarin Super short wavy pixie

Morena Baccarin Super Short Pixie Hairstyle

Super short wavy pixie/via

Does your hair happen to have a naturally wave pattern to it? If so, with a cut like this one, all you’ll need to do is wet your hair, add a bit of product and let it air dry.

6. Super short cut for naturally curly hair

gorgeous-super-short-hairstyleSuper short cut for naturally curly hair/via

Or if your hair is naturally curly, keep some length (to show off your curls) and let it dry natural without anything in it at all.

7. Nice and natural super short cut

Super Short Hairstyle

Nice and natural super short cut/via

Many black women have a tight coil pattern. The kind that works exquisitely with a cut just like this one.

8. Super short pixie cut with side part

Short Pixie Cut With Side Part Hairstyle

Super short pixie cut with side part/via

Sometimes it’s a very simple thing that can make a really big difference. Like a side part in a pixie. (Love it!)

9. Super short cut for thin straight hair

Super Short Hairstyle For Thin Straight Hair

Super short cut for thin straight hair/via

If you have thin straight hair, you might think that you can’t pull off a super short cut. Clearly that’s not true.

10. Super short “transitional” pixie


Super short “transitional” pixie/via

We call this a “transitional pixie” because it’s a nice hairstyle if you’ve actually had one of the hairstyles we’ve talked about before and you’re now ready to grow your hair out. Just a bit.

11. Ruby Rose Super short hair with clipper designs

Ruby Rose Super Short Hairstyle With Clipper Design

Super short hair with clipper designs/via

Actress Roby Rose is getting quite a bit of attention lately and a big part of the reason is because of her natural style. Including her flair for hair. Clipper-cut designs aren’t for everyone but if you’re loving this picture, they might just be for you!

12. Super short “transitional” fade

Super Short Transitional Fade Hairstyle

Super short “transitional” fade/via

This is called a transitional fade because, believe it or not, your hair can actually be shorter than even this. Growing it out about 1/2″  makes a bit more feminine.

13. Super short fade with “triangle” Mohawk

Super Short Fade With Triangle Mohawk Hairstyle

Super short fade with “triangle” Mohawk/via

What a funky and unique take on a Mohawk. Rather than having hair across the top of the head, all she did was have a peak of it at the tip. (Really cool!)

14. Super short Mohawk

Super Short Mohawk Hairstyle

Super short Mohawk/via

Or you can go with a Mohawk like this. With the right make-up and killer earrings, you’ll be unstoppable. We promise you that!

15. Super short multi-layer cut

Super Short Multi-Layered Hairstyle

Super short multi-layer cut/via

If you look closely, although this is a super short hairstyle, you’ll see that it has all kinds of layers to it. That’s what makes it so fun.

16. Super short fade

Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyle

Super short fade/via

If you have a really nice round head and people are always complimenting you on your eyes, maybe go with a fade. As you can see, you can still be all woman and oh so sexy with one.

17. Super short cut with face-framing bangs

Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyle

Super short cut with face-framing bangs/via

This is such a cute pixie cut. We really like how the bangs frame her face. (We like the color too, actually.)

18. Super short pixie with radical highlights

Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyle

Super short pixie with radical highlights/via

One small detail can change everything. Her blue highlights in the front of her hair proves it.

19. Super short “starter locs” cut

Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyle

Super short “starter locs” cut/via

If you’re a black woman who’s been thinking about getting some locs, here’s one of the most stylish ways to start.

20. Super short cut with a henna tattoo

Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyle

Super short cut with a henna tattoo/via

Have you ever seen such a thing? We must admit that it caught us a bit off guard too. Frankly, that’s what we like so much about it. Plus, unlike permanent tattoos, henna ones are temporary. After a couple of weeks, you can try something else. If you want.

21. Super short slicked back cut

Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyle

Super short slicked back cut/via

If you’re a bride-to-be and you either already have really short hair or you’re thinking about getting your hair cut, you’ll be such a beautiful bride if you get your hair cut short and then slick it back. Beautiful indeed.

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