25 Charming Celebrity Short Haircuts

A fresh, edgy short haircut is the height of confidence, sexiness and femininity. Whether a well-styled bob hairstyle or one of these chic pixie hairstylesmany ladies are demonstrating quite effectively that you don’t need long hair to look and feel like a woman.

Many celebrities, from Jennifer Lawrence to Anne Hathaway and Julianne Hough, are rocking some very sexy and feminine short haircuts.

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Check out these celebrity short haircuts, from Short Haircut: 

Most of us women are looking for good ideas on how to enhance our looks. This is because looks can definitely boost our confidence and make us more sociable and self-assured in our dealings with other people. A simple change in our hairstyle can sometimes do the trick of making our looks more attractive and lovely. Yet, sometimes we need to see someone whom we look up to, someone whom we idolize to provide us with awesome ideas on how to create a lovely hairstyle.

Often we get these good ideas from celebrities who are not afraid to try the untried hairstyles, to thread the un-walked path, and to experiment on their looks. We look up to famous women for that something new; we imitate their lovely and fancy dresses; and we try to get some new ideas from their hairstyles to enhance our own looks.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Emma Watson, and many more have been awesome with their hairstyles. They are celebrated for their fabulous and gorgeous haircuts. Likewise, they are trendsetters with regards to fashion and hairstyles, and for these reasons, we look up to them for new ideas on how to style our hair.

In this article, we have handpicked some fantastic examples of short celebrity hairstyles for you to look at, appreciate, and maybe imitate in the long run. Likewise, this article showcases 25 fabulous hairstyles of known personalities, and they are carefully chosen to give you a glimpse of which hairstyles are trendy nowadays among celebrities. You can get great ideas from this amazing list of celebrity hairstyles which you can put into use in your next lovely hairstyle. So what are you waiting for? I guess it is high-time for you to look gorgeous and fabulous by trying the hairstyles of some of your favorite celebrities.

1. Frankie Sandford’s Very Lovely and Charming Pixie Cut with Side-swept Bangs

Frankie Sandford Pixie Cut with Side-swept Bangs

2. Jennifer Lawrence’s Very Pretty and Attractive Pixie Cut


3. Kimberly Caldwell’s Fabulous and Attractive Bob Hair with Awesome Layers

Kimberly Caldwell bob hairstyle

4. Chelsea Kane’s Nice and Charming Blunt Ends Bob Hair

Chelsea Kane Bob Hairstyle

5. Brittany Daniel’s Charming and Alluring Pixie Cut

brittany daniel pixie hairstyle

6. Michelle Williams’ Very Cool and Charming Bob Hair with Awesome Bangs


7. Fabulous and Alluring Pixie Cut by Lisa Rinna


8 .Kate Beckinsale’s Awesome and Alluring Graduated Bob Hair


9. Jenna Elfman’s Very alluring and Beautiful Pixie Cut


10. Miley Cyrus’ Cool and Attractive Pixie Cut with Awesome Top Section


11. Jane Krakowski’s Alluring and Gorgeous Bob Hairstyle


12. Back view of Kerry Katona’s Lovely and Charming Pixie Cut


13. Radical-looking Bob Hair with Awesome Spikes

bob hair with spikes

14. Lori Loughlin’s Fabulous and Gorgeous Bob Hair

Lori Loughlin bob haircuts

15. Eva Marcille’s Nice and Charming Pixie Cut

eva marcille pixie haircut

16. Edie Campbell’s Very Alluring and Attractive Bob Haircut

Edie Campbell Bob Haircut

17. Ali Larter’s Bewitching and Captivating Blunt Ends Bob Hair

Ali Larter Bob Haircut

18. Cameron Diaz’s Glamorous and Seductive Bob Cut

Cameron Diaz Bob Haircut

19. Jamie Alexander’s Pretty and Seductive Bob Hair

Jamie Alexander Bob Haircut

20. Keri Hilson’s Fabulous and Attractive Bob hairstyle

Keri Hilson Bob Haircut

21. Carey Mulligan’s Prim Pixie Cut

Carey Mulligan Pixie Cut

22. Katy Perry’s Cool and Wavy Bob Hair

Katy Perry Wavy Bob Haircut

23. Julianne Hough’s Charming and Alluring Pixie Cut

Julianne Hough Pixie Haircut

24. Jenny Mccarthy’s Fabulous and Gorgeous Bob Hair

Jenny McCarthy Bob Haircut

25. Awesome Side View of Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie Hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircut

It is not easy to find the ideal hairstyle for our hair and often we discover the most suitable hairstyle via trial and error. On the one hand, we should consider the shape of our face, the texture, and the volume of our hair to find the appropriate hairstyle. On the other hand, we need some great ideas to find the most suitable hairstyle to our mood and personality. Celebrities are known for their awesome and trendsetting hairstyles. We can learn much and get some good ideas on how to style our hair in a gorgeous and charming manner from the way celebrities style their hair, and surely, this fabulous list of short hairstyles can facilitate and help us in this undertaking.