Bridal Jewelry & Accessories: 3 Unconventional Trends That We Love

Here are 3 unconventional trends in bridal jewelry and accessories that we love, from Mariell:

There are some trends for wedding jewelry that aren’t really trends anymore.

They’re classics: a pretty tiara to anchor your veil, a matching statement necklace and earring set, a sparkling bracelet to be your something blue.

We love each and every one of these. After all, they’re classics for a reason! But this year, we’re starting to see a few unconventional trends in how brides are wearing their jewelry and accessories.

And some of them are really catching our eyes! Below are a few of our favorites.


Oversized Wedding Headband

The Over-sized Headband

Delicate, feminine bridal headbands have been on trend for a long time — possibly since ancient Greece! And while we love a pretty headband as much as the next wedding obsessee, we also love anything that makes a statement.

So we’re thrilled to see over-sized headbands and hair flowers popping up in wedding looks this year. Half headband, half cocktail hat, these fabulous items take the place of a veil in a major way. They’d be perfect for a fashion-loving bride at a beach or garden wedding!


Photo by Birds of a Feather

The Surprise Brooch

We’ve all seen wedding dresses that trail pretty sashes, but creative brides are starting to go a little bolder with their back decorations. Instead of a satin bow, we’re starting to see beautiful brooches fastened to the back of wedding dresses.

These unexpected decorations add a ton of sparkle and glamour, even if the dress you picked out is a little less elaborate or formal. We think this look would be fabulous with a dramatic statement brooch, but if you want something a little more delicate, you could always choose a pretty crystal spray brooch. Either way, the surprise ornamentation is sure to dazzle!


Draped Beaded Back Necklace

The Back Necklace

When you hear the word necklace, you probably think of the same thing we do: a pretty ornament that nestles and sparkles in your collarbone.

This year, though, we’re starting to see more and more necklaces flipped around and sparkling down the back! From runways to wedding days, this trend is taking off in a big way, and why not? More ways to wear jewelry is always a good thing!

What unconventional wedding jewelry trends are you loving this year?