33 Totally Creepy Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

Julie Gerstein/BuzzFeed.com

Here are 33 totally creepy makeup looks to try this Halloween, from Buzzfeed: 

All the spooks-spiration you need!


1. The eyes have it.

The eyes have it.

2. Skeleton girl.

Skeleton girl.

3. The sad clown.

The sad clown.

4. Crystal visions.

Crystal visions.

Chloe Hajjar / chlojar.tumblr.com / Via pinterest.com

5. Creepy doll.

Creepy doll.

6. The half zombie.

The half zombie.

7. Skeleton sister.

Skeleton sister.

8. Half-and-half face.

9. Cosplay Chesire cat.

Cosplay Chesire cat.

10. And a more traditional Cheshire cat.

And a more traditional Cheshire cat.

11. Zipper face.

Zipper face.

12. And the more subtle zipper eye.

13. Screaming vampire.

14. Gaping maw.

Gaping maw.

15. Secret snake girl.

Secret snake girl.

16. An eye mask — not the soothing kind.

An eye mask — not the soothing kind.

17. Angry clown.

18. Lady Two Face.

Lady Two Face.

Robert Sanque / Flickr: robertsanque / Via pinterest.com

19. Zipped lips.

20. Broken doll.

Broken doll.

Learn how to do it here.

21. The half-dead girl.

The half-dead girl.

22. Double face.

Double face.

23. The notebook.

The notebook.

24. Patchwork doll.

Patchwork doll.

Abigail Lewis / Via Facebook: TwistedtheClown

25. And broken doll.

And broken doll.

26. Ventriloquist dummy.

Ventriloquist dummy.

27. Hole in the head.

28. Jigsaw.


29. The mouthless demon.

The mouthless demon.

30. Or a demon mouth.

Or a demon mouth.

Sandra Holmbom / rodeo.net

31. Rockabilly zombie.

Rockabilly zombie.

32. Slasher victim.

33. And finally, the monster behind the mask.

33 Totally Creepy Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween
Sandra Holmbom / rodeo.net