Have Wedding Day Fitness You Can Be Proud Of: The No Cardio Routine

Every bride wants to look her absolutely best on her wedding day.

Getting slim and physically fit for that day often is a challenge.  So, today we have a great fitness program,  from The Beauty Thesis,  that you can use 5 days a week to get fit and beautiful in time for your wedding day:

If you’re anything like me, holiday season means family time galore and a mess of eating! So stay fit this holiday season by finding time for these easy 30 minute fitness routines! Don’t worry – there’s zero cardio involved! *Record scratch* Stop the music! Yup that’s right, NO CARDIO! I’m not much of a workout buff, but doing these light calisthenics on the daily has really helped me tone up without having to push myself too hard and I know there’s others out there like me!

I totally get it if this routine is child’s play for you…I wouldn’t doubt that it’s exactly that for some of you more seasoned fitness lovers out there, but for those of you that prefer pilates over insanity, this one’s for you.


5 Day Fitness: No Cardio Routine

Day 1: Abs

-10 wide leg planks (holding for 3 seconds)

-10 side  bridges (hold for 3 seconds)

-20 V crunches (10 each leg)

-20 belly twisters (10 each leg)

Day 2: Arms

-up/down plank (as many as you can in 30 seconds)

-15 double arm rows (hold full water bottles or light weights in both hands)

-10 pushups

-15 dips

-up/down plank (as many as you can in 30 seconds)

Day 3: Legs

-25 squats

-25 plié squats

-50 donkey kicks (25 each leg)

-50 lunges (25 each leg)

-30 leg lifts (15 each leg)

-40 inner thigh lifts (20 each leg)

-wall sit for as long as possible

Day 4: Abs & Arms

-15 wide leg planks (3 seconds)

-24 v crunches (12 each leg)

-40 single arm rows (20 each arm)

-15 pushups

-15 dips

Day 5: Abs & Legs

-30 belly twisters (15 each leg)

-30 side bridge (15 each side)

-30 squats

-30 plié squats

-30 leg lifts (15 each leg)

-40 inner thigh lifts (20 each leg)

-wall sit for as long as possible

Here are some demos for some of the workouts: wide leg planks, v crunches, belly twisters, and side bridges can all be viewed here, but I’ve individually linked these: double arm rowsdipsup/down planksplié squatsleg liftsinner thigh liftsdonkey kicks.

*Perform 2-3 sets of each rep and do these workouts twice a day for best results! Feel free to modify them to your needs!