5 Emily Ratajkowski Style Tips

The gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski first gained widespread popularity for her sexy turn in the music video for the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and Pharrell.

After being born in London to American parents, Emily spent her formative years growing up in sunny San Diego. She then went on to a career in modeling and most recently has honed her skills as an actress in movies such as “Entourage” and “Gone Girl”.

Throughout it all Emily has remained a fashion icon.

Here are 5 Emily Ratajkowski style tips, from Glam Radar:

Emily Ratajkowski is more than just a model and sex symbol, she is a fashion icon as well. If you are interested in exuding the Sports Illustrated model’s elegant panache, then make sure to follow these Emily Ratajkowski style tips.

1. Flaunt your Assets

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have Emily’s perky bust, what matters is you make sure to flaunt your assets. This is an integral part of Emily Ratajkowski style tips. If you love your legs – or your tummy – then make sure to show them! Don’t leave little to the imagination though. If you plan on showing your legs, keep your top half covered. Planning on sporting a crop top? Keep the other areas safe underneath your clothes.

Emily Ratajkowski lace dress Emily Ratajkowski deep v top

Emily Ratajkowski black crop top outfit

2. Dress for the Occasion

Emily Ratajkowski style tips go beyond wearing the hottest style trends. According to her stylist Tara Swennen, Emily believes in dressing rightfully for the occasion. If you are headed to a gala dinner or a tear-jerking wedding, then make sure to wear the clothes that befit the said occasions. There will always be the temptation of overdressing or underdressing, but it would be best if you dress accordingly.

Emily Ratajkowski blazer and dress Emily Ratajkowski striped sundress

3. Live a Colorful Life

Yes, black and neutrals will look good on you, whatever the situation might be. But if you plan on following these Emily Ratajkowski Style Tips, then make sure to live a life in full color. Don’t shy away from brights, pastels, and other unique shades. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always bathe in color. Wearing a colorful item/statement accessory is enough for you to create a vivacious look.

Emily Ratajkowski red suit Emily Ratajkowski blue trench

4. Shoes Matter

Shoes are primarily made to protect your feet, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t treat them as your most important fashion accessories. According to Emily Ratajkowski Style Tips, shoes matter! Any simple or boring outfit can instantly spring back to life with the help of great shoes. While aesthetics is important, remember that comfort is MORE important. Make sure to choose statement shoes that will make you look (and feel) good.

Emily Ratajkowski brown cage shoes Emily Ratajkowski brown velvet boots

5. Mix and Match it

Matching your jewelries is a safe way to do it. But if you want to follow the unique Emily Ratajkowski style tips, then don’t be afraid to mix and match them! This is especially the case if you have multiple earring holes. Wear a different batch in one ear – and another for the opposite one – for a unique look that Emily is known for pulling off.

Emily Ratajkowski multiple earrings Emily Ratajkowski gold accessories

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