5 Fun, Non-Embarrassing Bachelorette Party Games

I’m not sure who decided bachelorette parties had to be all about getting decked out in penis-centric attire and getting embarrassed in front of friends and strangers alike, but I’m here to tell you your last night out as a single lady doesn’t have to be embarrassing.

In fact, there are tons of games and activities you can play that are just plain fun, minus all the blushing!

1. Questions About the Groom

To play, the bridesmaids will pre-ask the hubby-to-be a set of questions. Then, on the bachelorette night, they’ll ask them to bride-to-be to see how well she really knows her beau.

For each one she gets wrong, she takes a shot. For each one she gets right, she passes one out.

questions about the groom bachelorette party game

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2. Bachelorette Party Bucket List

Are there things you and your best gals want to check off your bucket list before the big day? Why not make a bachelorette party game of it?! In this simple game, there are no fixed rules. All the girls put ideas into a bucket. The bride-to-be randomly picks nine out. The bucket list is created, and the night unfolds. Fun, right?!

bachelorette party bucket list

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3. Bride-to-be Bangle Game

Want a cute bachelorette party keepsake you’ll actually wear again? Play the bride-to-be bangle game! To play, each guest gets a couple of cards (truth, date, love, memory) to give back to the bride over the course of the night. As the evening progresses, guests can decide when to give their card to the bride. Once she has completed a challenge, she’ll take off the ribbon from the card and wrap it around her bracelet. At the end of the night, the bride-to-be will have a super-cute bangle to remember the night by!

bride-to-be bangle bachelorette party game

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4. Guess the Panties

In this game, all the girls bring a pair of new panties that would somehow remind the bride of them. Then, the bride guesses which pair belongs to which guest. If she’s wrong, she drinks. If she’s right, the guest drinks. Either way, the bride gets to keep all the underwear.

guess the panties bachelorette party game

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5. What the F*ck? Drinking Game

Personally, I love a good drinking game, especially if it’s random and hilarious like What the F*ck?, Cards Against Humanity, etc! Who said your bachelorette party games couldn’t be games you could play again?

what the f*ck drinking bachelorette party game

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