5 Wedding Reception Venue Trends Across The Country

From theknot

Every year we survey thousands of recently married couples (like literally more than 19,000!) from across the country to discover the hottest trends and ideas from weddings across the country. One of the questions we ask is all about the wedding venue — well, the results from our 2012 Real Weddings Survey might surprise you… here, the most popular venue styles from five different  cities across the U.S.

Atlanta… Historic Reception Venues

Historic venues are the most popular choice in Atlanta, with 31% of brides planning to host their reception at one.

Just one look at the beautiful Biltmore Ballroom, built in 1924, and you’ll understand why its so popular (Atlanta is chock-full of historic venues!).


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From the album of: A Southern Cultural Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

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San Francisco… Vineyard Reception Venues

Well this one may not come as a shock: about 20% of couples chose a vineyard or winery as their reception venue. Napa Valley and Sonoma County wine country is nearby and so there are more than plenty of amazing vineyard options to choose from. Take this wedding for example, held at BoaVentura de Caires Winery in Livermore, California — guests danced the night away under the stars surrounded by old wine barrels and twinkling lights. Gorgeous!


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From the album of: A Rustic Wedding in Livermore, California

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Chicago… Hotel Wedding Receptions

In the Windy City, 32% of couples take advantage of all the fabulous city hotel venues in and around downtown. Beautiful hotels with historic ballrooms, incredible sweeping views of the city, and glamorous accents (like the ballroom at The Drake Hotel) are perfect for a formal or semi-formal wedding.


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From the album of: A Downtown Wedding in Chicago, Illinois

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New York City… Restaurant Wedding Receptions

There are countless venues to choose, but more New York couples get married in restaurants than anywhere else. In Manhattan, 27% of couples pick restaurants as their wedding venue. Take for example the wedding reception photo below from The Four Seasons Hotel Restaurant. Amazing, right?


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From the album of: A Modern Jewish Wedding in New York, New York

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St. Louis… Banquet Hall Wedding Receptions

Over 30% of St. Louis couples choose a classic banquet hall venue for their wedding. That’s not to say that St. Louis weddings tend to look totally classic though. Take for example this ultra-contemporary wedding at the Lumen Private Event Space.



From the album of: A Formal Wedding in St. Louis, Missouri