5 More Ways to Style your Scarf

Here are 5 more ways to style your scarf, from Glam Radar: 

miranda kerr printed scarf printed scarf 

floral scarf

Choose Color

Another one of the more ways to style your scarf is to choose a style with a fresh color. Be it fuchsia or neon yellow, a colored scarf can add the much-needed kick to your Plain Jane outfit.

A vibrant scarf is actually one of the best ways to accessorize your outfit, even if you don’t have a collection of baubles inside your closet.

long yellow scarf


teal scarf orange scarf

Tie it Up

A scarf often belongs to your neck. But if you are tired of the usual ways of using it, worry not as there are more ways to style your scarf. One of the best methods to do so is to take your skinny scarf and tie it up around your neck, as if it were a necktie or a long necklace. This styling idea is perfect if you want to add a stylish yet functional element into your current wardrobe.

printed skinny scarf tied black scarf printed skinnys scarf

Belt it Up

For cold days, one can’t help but turn to her chunky scarves. And if this is the case for you, worry not as you can still sashay the roads in style without looking all too bulky. One of the more ways to style your scarf is to belt it up. Not only will it tone down the bulk of your scarf, it can accentuate your hourglass figure as well – even if you are wearing multiple layers underneath.

white belted scarf belted scarf belted printed scarf

Bag it Up

A scarf is not just for your neck, it’s for your other accessories as well! If you are looking for more ways to style your scarf, then go ahead and wear it around your bag. Not only will it revitalize your favorite tote, you can use it during times when it’s just too cold – or hot, even!

bag with scarf bag with scarf outfit scarf around bag

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