5 Ways to Get Your Groom to Help Out with Wedding Planning

Traditionally, a wedding day is all about the bride. All of that fanfare that surrounds the bride, however, can often leave the groom feeling left in the dust. After all, the bride isn’t the only person getting married;  the groom is a pretty integral part of the wedding.



If you are getting married, don’t let your groom feel like he is playing second fiddle. While he may not be able to help you pick out your gown, you can let him feel like he is part of all of the planning and excitement by giving him some special tasks to attend to. He will appreciate the attention, and you will appreciate the help.


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Registry Duty: Registering for all of the things that you will need as you start your life together is a really fun process, and it is one that your groom should certainly be a part of. In fact, you can put him in charge of this important task. Of course, you want to be a part of the registration process (you don’t want to sleep on bedding that you think is completely dreadful), but you can let your groom handle setting up and updating the registry. He’ll get a kick out of having this duty and it is one less thing that you will have to worry about.


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Venue Shopping: Your wedding is a celebration that will honor both you and your groom, so it is only fair that he help pick out the place where this grand event will occur. Ask him to do some research with you on potential venues. Let him choose a few places to look at. Of course, have him go with you to check out the different venues and welcome his opinions and reviews. You can even take it one step further; once you have both decided on a venue for your affair, have you groom handle all further communications with the staff.


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Vendor Visiting: You will require the services of a bunch of people in order to successfully pull off your big event; a florist, a caterer, a photographer and videographer, limo drivers, music and whoever else you think you will require the services to make your big day your dream come true. Let your groom help out with choosing the vendors. Ask him if he wouldn’t mind helping you choose some vendors to consider and bring him along on your visits to each one. You can even ask him if he thinks that there are any other special vendors that will add an extra special something to your day; a cigar roller, perhaps.


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Tuxedos: You have your wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dress to pick out. Why not let your groom pick out the attire that he and his guys will be wearing. Go along with him so that you can offer your opinion and see what choices he is considering (and so that you can nix anything that is an absolute no), but let him have his moment in the sun while picking out and trying on different tuxedos.


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If it weren’t for your groom, you wouldn’t be getting married. Make him feel like he is as big a part of the day as he truly is by involving him in the planning process.

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