6 Ideas For Designing Chic Wedding Centerpieces

An important aspect of your wedding decor will be your wedding centerpieces. Eye-catching wedding centerpieces will capture the attention of your wedding guests as they enter  your wedding reception venue, and therefore provide you with the opportunity to create the atmosphere and ambiance that you want for your wedding. So today we have 6 ideas for designing chic wedding centerpieces. We guarantee you that you will find inspiration for creating the wedding reception you dream of, whether your wedding is going to be large and elaborate or small and intimate.

Here are the 6 ideas for designing chic wedding centerpieces, reblogged from Colin Cowie Weddings:

A centerpiece is the focal point of your table. It should give your guests something mesmerizingly beautiful to look (aside from one another).

There’s no need for your centerpiece to be expensive, custom made from fresh flowers and Tibetian berries, or ornate or overblown.

1. Your centerpiece shouldn’t be more than twelve inches high. Guests should be able to easily make eye contact with one another. The exception to the height rule is when you have a very tall centerpiece with a thin middle, such as a topiary.Wedding Centerpiece

2. Instead of filling a large vase with dozens of fresh-cut blooms, consider featuring a single flower or a hardy tropical leaf in an architectural or sculptural organic-shaped vase with a small opening at the top. Think about layering multiple elements to fill the center of the table instead of one large arrangement.Wedding Centerpiece

3. If you pack a small vase abundantly with lots of flowers, you will make a very lavish impression.Wedding Centerpiece

4. Try using a variety of short and tall vases with a different variety of flower in each one. Your goal is to create a beautiful, interesting image- a story, almost- through the sum of all of its parts.Wedding Centerpiece

Courtesy of Ann & Kam Photography

5. If you’re using fresh flowers, change the water daily so they stay alive as long as possible. If your flowers look droopy, slice a small piece off the stems at an angle so they can hydrate more efficiently. Wedding Centerpiece

6. I prefer not to use scented candles on the dining tables or buffet, because their fragrance can interfere with the aromas of the food. I say this on behalf of anyone who’s ever been overwhelmed by the scent of gardenia while attempting to enjoy Dover sole. Wedding Centerpiece

Courtesy of Mel Barlow

-Colin Cowie