A 6 Month Engagement – Wedding Planning Checklist

So, now you are engaged! But it is a 6 month engagement and you only have 6 months to plan one of the biggest events of your life. To help you navigate all of the aspects of wedding planning you need to take care of in such a short time, we present to you a 6 month engagement wedding planning checklist.

Planning a wedding can sometimes lead to anxiety and stress, emotions you want to avoid. The months leading up to your wedding will require you to make many decisions. You will be interviewing and hiring wedding florists, photographers and other wedding vendors; deciding how many and which guests to invite to your wedding ceremony and wedding reception; deciding who will be in the wedding party; and selecting your wedding decor and wedding attire, among other things.

Those are the large and obvious elements of your wedding planning. But because there are a number of not so obvious things to add to your wedding checklist as well, this 6 month engagement wedding planning checklist will be an invaluable wedding planning tool for you.

Because the time available to plan a wedding is not the same for every bride, a one-size-fits-all wedding planning checklist is not what you need. So, to cover every time frame, in addition to this 6 month engagement wedding planning checklist, we also offer a 4 month engagement wedding planning checklist and a 12 month engagement wedding planning checklist.

Here is our 6 month engagement wedding planning checklist, from Borrowed & Blue Events

Hello fellow readers of this fabulous blog. My name is Amanda & I blog over at We&Serendipity. I was a bride one year ago and truly felt like I learned a ton from my wedding. I’m so happy to be here sharing my experiences and knowledge from the wedding. One thing I thought would be best while planning was a checklist. I could never find the perfect checklist for me. Why? Well, because I got engaged, and 4 months later, I was married. To the world, that is crazy. I read that most engagements are 9-12 months. That being said, I made my own. I thought it would be awesome to make different time frames. Because everyone is in a different situation and different time frame!

Keep in mind that each of these checklists are equivalent to an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of computer paper. So if you want to print these checklists, right click, save-as, and print away.

6 month wedding planning checklist

6 months before the wedding

5 months before the wedding

4 months before the wedding

3 months before the wedding

2 months before the wedding

1 month before the wedding

2 weeks before the wedding

1 week before the wedding

on your wedding day

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