6 Types of Halo Engagement Rings – Which Is Right for You?

Imagine the exact moment when he asks for your hand in marriage.

You are going to want to see that box open with the engagement ring you have always dreamed about. It can be a lot of pressure to find that perfect ring because of the overwhelming number of choices, which can lead to rings being accidentally overlooked or forgotten. A special design that should never be missed in the engagement ring search are the contemporary halo engagement rings.

The halo engagement ring style is extremely popular with brides today and is commonly flaunted on the hands of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, and the Royal Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

These rings are fashionable and elegant because of their modern look and breathtaking details.

If you want an engagement ring that will stand out from the rest, the halo ring has six different styles for you to choose from.



1.    The Angel’s (Round) Halo

The most common form of the halo engagement ring features one row of diamonds or gemstones that circle around the center stone. The Angel’s Halo is an engagement ring that is simple but still has a unique style of its own.

2.    The Double Halo Ring

Not one, but two. This engagement ring has a design of two rows of either diamonds or gemstones that border around the center stone of the ring. An engagement ring like this is a good fit for a woman who wants something that gives off an extra sparkle.

3.    The Floating Halo Ring

This sophisticated ring gets its name from the appearance of its center stone. When you take a close look at this engagement ring it gives the illusion that the stone is floating in mid-air. The Floating Halo Ring is a conversation piece that will catch the eye of anyone.


4.    The Princess Halo Ring

Known for its stylish diamonds that surround the center stone in a square shape, this engagement ring is the perfect fit for any princess. A princess cut diamond is a popular center stone for engagement rings because of the delicate and irreplaceable appearance.

5.    The Cushion Halo Ring 

A cushion cut diamond is featured as a focal stone for this engagement ring. Surrounding the rounded square edges is a halo of gorgeous diamonds. This ring is similar to the Angel’s Halo however the main difference is the cut of the center stone.

6.    The Oval Halo Ring 

Stones surround an oval shaped diamond that features a brilliance that is comparable to a round diamond. This type of cut is becoming increasingly popular. Actor, Ryan Reynolds, proposed to wife Blake Lively with a gorgeous oval cut diamond ring.


Picking out the right engagement ring can be a difficult process, however knowing the tastes and preferences of your bride-to-be helps narrow the decision down a lot! Make sure to give yourself enough time so you do not feel rushed and most importantly, educate yourself. This is why the internet is so helpful. Before you go looking for a specific ring, learning some jewelry terminology can make all the difference!

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