7 People Your Groom Shouldn’t Invite To The Wedding


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Who to invite to your wedding? Who not to invite your wedding?

We have offered guidance to help you answer the question ‘who do you invite to your wedding’ with a helpful infographic on who does and who doesn’t get an invitation to your weddingAnd we recently featured the 8 people you don’t want to invite to your wedding (but have to).

And today we offer advice on who you should not invite to your wedding. Specifically, the 7 people your groom should not invite to the wedding.

So, from ex-girlfriends to certain out of control buddies, here are the 7 people your groom should not invite to the wedding, from She Finds:

Putting together the guest list is one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning process. And while there are the usual factors you need to take into consideration–space, budget, etc.–don’t forget to think about those people that might actually cause some real problems at the wedding. Whether it’s making a scene or interfering with your good time, there are certain individuals who just shouldn’t score an invite to your big day. Here, we tackle the 7 people your groom should leave off his list.


Any of his exes. Even if your groom is on great terms with his ex-girlfriends, having them at the wedding is a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to look over during the ceremony or reception and think, “There’s the girl he slept with before me.” Not to mention that it might make any mutual friends feel weird.


His boss. You both want to have fun and relax at the wedding–not worry about putting on a show for your new husband’s boss. Unless the two are super close and frequently hang out outside of work, then it’s best to not include your groom’s supervisor on the invite list. And the boss probably won’t mind at all; most don’t want to fraternize with subordinates anyway.


The rest of the office. Your groom is no doubt closer to some of his co-workers than others. In an attempt not to offend anyone, he might be tempted to invite everyone. But the last thing you want to do is take up valuable space on your guest list for people who really shouldn’t be there. Emily Post recommends asking your groom this question: If the company dissolved tomorrow, would you still be friends with them? But for your job, do you have anything in common? If the answer is no, don’t send them an invite.


The confirmed bachelor. Every guy has that one friend who is anti-marriage and keeps asking your fiancé why he’d want to commit to the same woman for the rest of his life. Yeah, you don’t want him at your wedding.


The out-of-control buddies. Sure you want everyone to have a good time, but there are those friends that take their partying to a whole other (often ugly) level. They get drunk, way too loud, dance like maniacs, tell inappropriate jokes to your grandmother (you get the idea)–and are generally more trouble than their worth.

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His friend’s girl of the moment. It’s tricky figuring out who to invite with a plus one. And while your fiancé might be afraid about offending a few of his single friends by asking them to come solo, you don’t need to feel obligated to invite a guest with a date unless they’re in a serious relationship.


His distant relatives. Your future MIL might be begging to send those long-distance cousins your groom hasn’t seen since he was six a wedding invite. But this will likely put everyone in a weird position. They might feel obligated to attend even if they don’t want to, and then everyone on the groom’s side will have to entertain them during the event. If you don’t see or at least speak to them on a regular basis, don’t feel obligated to ask them to come to your I Dos.