7 pinatas for your wedding

A popular trend is the wedding pinata.

Commonly associated with Mexico, and very popular at birthday parties and other celebrations, a pinata is a decorated container filled with candies, fruits, and gifts that is hung up until it is broken and the contents inside it fall out.

But for weddings we’re not talking about a donkey or a cartoon character you find at the generic party store down the street. Wedding pinatas are serious paper art pieces designed and constructed to complement your wedding. And couples aren’t stopping there — fill it with small favors for your guests like lottery tickets, personalized pins, small toys (for the kids) and mini plastic liquor bottles (for the adults).

For a twist on traditional garter toss, we’ve even seen couples fill their wedding piñata with garters!



Pinatas are a new standard for a more casual wedding.  They are a perfect way to get your guests interacting and letting everyone let loose.  A pinata can be beautiful and incorporated into your wedding theme.

Take a look at some of the creative pinatas in the image above from from Brooklyn Bride