7 Smart Ways to Decorate the Dead Space Under Your Stairs

Here are 7 Smart Ways to Decorate the Dead Space Under Your Stairs, from Apartment Therapy,

The dead space underneath your stairs can be tricky. On one hand, that pocket of square footage holds a lot of potential when it comes to storage or creative decor. On the other hand, the cramped quarters and angular build can make it a challenge to decorate without feeling awkward. You don’t want the area to end up looking like you tried too hard to make use of it, but then you don’t want it to end up as a catch-all for your clutter or storage.

Luckily, there are a ton of interior designers and amateur decorators that have found clever ways to repurpose the space. Some of the ideas are as easy as artfully arranging furniture underneath, and others will take some power tools to accomplish. See which one makes the most sense for your own house.

1. Position A Couch Inside

If your stair nook is in your living room, then make the most of that space and add a couch underneath. You can then position the flow of your room around this placement, like adding a three-seat couch perpendicular to the smaller one in the nook. If your staircase alcove is too small for a two-seater, try styling two chairs under there instead.

2. Add A Plant Collection

Show off your green thumb by making a greenhouse of sorts underneath your staircase. You can include vine plants on top so their long tendrils artfully trail down, and you can play with different colors, patterns, and sizes of planters to add an eclectic touch.

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3. Create A Reading Nook

The empty space underneath the staircase is a perfect place to create a reading nook. You can make it stand out by adding loud wallpaper into the tiny room, which won’t be overwhelming since it’s only papering a small area. Creating a reading area is also a great opportunity to create more storage space in the form of drawers and cabinets.

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4. Add A Home Office

If you don’t have an extra room in your house for an office, you can use the area underneath your staircase to set up shop. Add in a desk, some floating shelves for file and box storage, and a shelving unit to make the area feel more complete.

5. Carve Out An Entertainment Area

Staircases that are part of living rooms can be used as entertainment nooks. Install some floating shelves and put your TV in the space. Or house your record collection in the tight corner with the help of a mid-century credenza. Stashing your entertainment underneath the staircase will make it feel like that nook is the designated area for all of your fun.

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6. Add A Swing

If your living room or basement allows for it, add a Scandinavian-inspired swing for your kiddos to play with. This particular one is from Lillagunga.

7. Squeeze In A Bench

Increase the square footage of your entryway by adding in a bench you can sit on. Make the area feel more “finished” by adding in small accents, like a floor lamp, some artwork, and a storage basket.