7 Twists on the Cascade Wedding Cake

There are many options available for your wedding cake choice.  From classic confections featuring flowers or piping  to a more non-traditional choice such as a black wedding cake or a show-stopping geometric wedding cakethere is a great deal of advice for choosing a wedding cake available so that you should have no problem finding a creative and tantalyzing wedding cake.

And as you do select that wedding cake, you need to keep in mind how many wedding guests you will have to serve, so that you can safely answer the question “how many slices will this cake make?” To answer that question, you only need to consult our handy cake servings guide as well as our handy infographic guides that tell you how many wedding guests you can serve for different cake shapes and sizes.

Here are 7 twists on the cascade wedding cake, reblogged from the knot: 

Cascade wedding cakes (multi-tiered cakes with a waterfall of flowers down one side or in a spiral stream from the top to the base) are nothing new — in fact they’re usually considered a more traditional style of cake design. Talk about “something old” becoming new again. Like pillar wedding cakes, this classic look is making a a huge comeback. But these cakes prove that just because the style is traditional doesn’t mean they have to be boring, and these pretty cakes are anything but! Check out some of our favorites cascade cakes.

All White Sugar Flower Cascade Cake

Cascade Wedding Cakes | Philip Ficks | Blog.TheKnot.com

Philip Ficks

From the album: Amazing New Cake Ideas

A Pretty Pastel Hydrangeas Cascade Cake

Cascade Wedding Cakes | Keepsake Memories Photography | Blog.TheKnot.com

Keepsake Memories Photography

From the album: A Secluded Beach Wedding in Bald Head Island, NC

A Pink Ombre Cascade Cake

Cascade Wedding Cakes | Caroline Tran Photographer | Blog.TheKnot.com

Caroline Tran Photographer

From the album: An Oheka Castle Wedding in Huntington, NY

A Coral Charm Peony Cascade Cake

Cascade Wedding Cakes | The Nichols Photography | Blog.TheKnot.com

The Nichols Photography

From the album: An Allan House Wedding in Austin, TX

A Board Game-Inspired Cascade Cake

Cascade Wedding Cakes | Adeline & Grace Weddings | Blog.TheKnot.com

Adeline & Grace Weddings

From the album: A Calistoga Ranch Wedding in Calistoga, CA

A Mini Sugar Flower Cascade Cake

Cascade Wedding Cakes | Bamber Photography | Blog.TheKnot.com

Bamber Photography

From the album: A North Caroline Arboretum Wedding in Asheville, NC

A Classic Gilded Cascade Cake

Cascade Wedding Cakes | Abby Jiu Photography | Blog.TheKnot.com

Abby Jiu Photography