7 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding (That Won’t Make It Look Cheap)

Today we present 7 ways to save money on your wedding that won’t make it look cheap!

As we all know, weddings are getting more and more expensive – the average cost of a wedding is now $30,000.  So brides, grooms and wedding planners are always looking for ways to save money on their wedding.

And of course there are things that you can do to save money on your wedding, such as 8 Wedding Expenses You Should Never Pay For  and Sneaky Wedding Costs You Need To Look Out For

Despite this, every bride and groom will still feel pressure to spend to make sure they have the wedding of their dreams. And being a part of the wedding industry itself doesn’t lessen that pressure.

Here are 7 ways to save money on your wedding that won’t make it look cheap, written by a wedding industry professional who feels that pressure for her own upcoming wedding from She Finds:


I’m getting married in May, and because I’ve written for a wedding website and a wedding magazine in my lifetime, I feel a ton of pressure from my friends to put on a lavish celebration. If money were no object, this wouldn’t be a problem–I’ve got ideas for days! But this is the real world and money is a thing. Thankfully, I found seven easy ways to save big money without losing my wedding’s luxurious feel.

Curious as to what they are? Check them out below!


  1. 1. Choose a church that includes a pianist/organist. 

If you’re going traditional and getting married in a church, I advise looking for one that includes a pianist/organist in the cost of the rental. Most church rentals cost the same either way and when this is thrown in it can save you at least $300.


2. Re-use your bridesmaids’ bouquets as reception centerpieces. 

Flowers are expensive. To save money, choose bouquet and table arrangements that are similar. This way, after the ceremony, your planner can put your bridesmaids’ bouquets in vases to use as table centerpieces. I have five bridesmaids, so that’s 5 fewer centerpieces to pay for!


3. Invite your photographer to the rehearsal dinner. 

She’ll appreciate the gesture, and I can almost promise you that she’ll take pictures of the dinner for free and include them with your wedding photos.


4. Make your own ceremony programs. 

Using various tools on the internet you can download your own wedding programs.

    1. Buy paper that matches your invitation suite – Paper Source has an excellent selection.
    2. Download a template
    3. Download some fonts to use. Our favorite free ones are:

Yes, it’s a bit time consuming, but depending on the amount of guests you are expecting, this can save you upwards of $200.


5. Host a “Strolling Supper” Reception.

My fiancé hates buffets (he likens them to feeding troughs) and mandated that we could not have one at our wedding. Sit-down dinners, we soon learned, are nearly twice as a expensive as a buffet! #predicament Enter: The “Strolling Supper” reception. It’s a series of 3-4 chef-attended stations with various entrées and accompaniments. It’s not as expensive as a seated dinner, but not as tacky as a buffet.


6. Serve only beer and wine.

Though my fiancé and I would have loved to provide a full, open bar for our guests, it just wasn’t in the budget. Instead, we opted to serve a nice selection of beer (Stella and Sam Adams) and three of our favorite moderately priced wines. Follow our lead and trust us, your guests won’t even miss their standard G&T.


7. Skip the favors. 

I’m from Nashville, and I had an elaborate vision of giving each of my guests a mini bottle of Jack Daniels since the distillery is located less than an hour way. Then I realized how much that would cost. Needless to say, it got nixed. I opted instead to go for a cheaper favor–matchbooks–but now that I’m thirty days away from the wedding and my fiancé and I are thinking about all of our upcoming expenses, I’m wishing we had skipped favors altogether.