7 Great Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding

It is undisputed that nothing goes better with cake than ice cream.

And that fact remains the same when that cake just happens to be wedding cake. So today we present to you 7 great ways to serve ice cream at your wedding, reblogged from the knot:

Haven’t you heard? Ice cream and cake make a perfect pair… especially when there’s wedding cake. We looked to some beautiful real weddings to uncover the best ice cream-serving inspiration. From waiters passing cones, to throw-back ice cream carts, there are so many ways to get creative with this refreshing dessert.

  1. 1. On a Serving Tray

    Vanilla ice cream cone dessert tray


    Don’t limit your passed bites to appetizers—get some dessert in on the action. Not only is it convenient for guests to snag a treat while the attendants are making rounds through the reception, but it keeps energy levels up even toward the end of the night.

    From A Brighton Ski Resort Wedding in Brighton, Utah

  2. 2. With Loads of Toppings

    Ice cream topping sundae bar


    A sundae bar guarantees there will be something for everyone. Opt for the traditional toppings like candies and cookie crumbs, but if you really want to impress, set out a few unexpected options like candied bacon, nut brittle, or champagne-soaked strawberries.

    From An At-Home Destination Wedding in Lima, Peru

  3. 3. As A Cookie Sandwich

    Ice cream sandwich desserts


    Not only are ice cream sandwiches a total crowd pleaser, but it’s a great treat to source locally. Reach out to your favorite neighborhood baker for a few batches of different types of cookies, and a corner-store creamery for a few flavors of ice cream. Then let guests customize their own cookie sandwich!

    From A Green Building Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

  4. 4. In A Self Serve Cart

    Blue and white old school ice cream cart


    That’s right, go old school. Load up one of these old fashioned carts with a few different selections of ice cream favorites (think: chocolate eclairs, bomb pops, screwballs and popsicles). Guests can choose exactly what they like without the need of an attendant to man the station.

    From A Relaxed Elegant Wedding in Windsor, OH

  5. 5. As A Retro Milkshake

    Vanilla and strawberry milk shakes


    What’s more fun than a retro strawberry milkshake or on overflowing root beer float? Even better—when they’re served in old-fashion milk bottles with festive straws. Bonus: guests can sip these sweet treats with one hand.

  6. 6. In Your Cocktails

    Sorbet and mint in signature wedding drink


    Don’t worry—we didn’t forget about the booze. Jazz up your signature sip with a refreshing scoop of sorbet for a unique and delicious cocktail hour treat. Garnish with a sprig of mint and you’ll have a show-stopping refreshment!

    From A Classic Ballroom at Intercontinental Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio

  7. 7. Nestled in Cake

    Ice cream cone desserts served on a cake tray


    Okay, we know we already showed ice cream cones being passed on a tray, but this hack is genius. If you can’t find serving trays that fit the shape of your cones, sculpt one out of cake. Bravo!

    From A Classy, Romantic Wedding at Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania