8 Alluring Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

Just as you select different outfits for different occasions, you also want to choose the right makeup for different occasions.

Whether it’s for a day at the office, shopping with friends or a night on the town your makeup choice should be appropriate for the situation or event.

So today we present these 8 alluring makeup looks for different occasions, from Styles Weekly:

Therefore, in this post, we would like to show you glamorous makeup looks for different occasions, from the netural daily makeup look to stylish party makeup look, from office makeup idea to holiday makeup idea. With these looks, you will be charming and decent any time and anywhere.

1. Charming Smoky Makeup Look


Charming Smoky Makeup Look /via

This brown smoky eye makeup looks super attractive with the nude lipstick. It’s so stylish and sexy. Yet, you know, if you do such a makeup look for work, it may appear too solemn. So, it’s suitable for any important occasions after work.

2. Chic Cat-Eye Makeup Look


Chic Cat-Eye Makeup Look /via

This orange smoky eye makeup is quite gorgeous with the thick cat-eye liners. The lashes are long but not thick, which makes this eye makeup more beautiful. If you are invited to a party, try this makeup look.

3. Cara Delevingne Stunning Makeup Idea

Cara Delevingne Makeup

2016 Stunning Makeup Idea /via

This is a very pretty and versatile makeup look for many occasions. The blue eyeliners give a watery effect to the eyes and the bright lipstick really makes any woman more lovely. You can wear this stunning makeup for dates, holidays and friends-gatherings.

4. Cara Delevingne Fashionable Dark Berry Lipstick Makeup Idea

Cara Delevingne Makeup

Fashionable Dark Berry Lipstick Makeup Idea /via

Well, this look is dark yet quite fashionable. It’s a great makeup look for mature women.

5. Pretty Barbie Makeup Look


Pretty Barbie Makeup Look/via

Almost every woman has ever wished to be as beautiful as a Barbie doll and believed that she will meet her Prince when she grows up. This pretty Barbie makeup look can be quite an adorable choice to try when you date the guy you love. And it can be a nice wedding makeup look as well.

6. Dashing Blue Smoky Makeup Look


Dashing Blue Smoky Makeup Look /via

Many women love the blue eye shadows but don’t know how to do a stylish makeup with them. This blue smoky eye makeup look is a great example for every woman to follow. All occasions will be suited for this dashing look.

7. Warm and Chic Makeup Look


Warm and Chic Makeup Look /via

The bright and warm colors will make women look more radient and younger. This pretty look is quite chic for holidays.

8. Pretty Neutral Makeup Idea


Pretty Neutral Makeup Idea /via

This neutral makeup look is fabulous for women who prefer light and natural makeup looks. It is great for work days and any other daily occasion.