9 Perks To Having A Super Small Wedding

There are some couples who want a wedding without all the hassle and hoopla. As a result, a growing trend for avoiding that hassle is the “ambush” or “surprise” wedding. 

Another trend is the super small wedding.  Smaller wedding guest lists, saving money, having money to splurge on other things are just some of the reasons for a small wedding that we detailed in 10 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding.

Today we have 9 perks to having a super small wedding, from She Finds:

Bigger is not always better and no, not every wedding has to be a major production. Whether in an effort to save money or have a more intimate affair, many couples are opting for small weddings over large-scale events.

So before you decide that your big day has to be, well, big, consider these advantages of having a super small wedding.


You can save on money. It makes sense that the fewer guests you have on the big day, the less you’ll spend on items such as food, liquor, favors, etc. “Cost is the biggest reason to have an intimate wedding,” says Lauren Randolph of My Hotel Wedding. “If you’re on a budget, the best way to save money is by cutting the guest list and having an intimate wedding.”

But splurge on the best. Is there something truly important to you about your wedding? Maybe you want an award-winning photographer, following you around the city and taking breathtaking shots. Maybe you want couture shoes, exotic flowers, or a five-star honeymoon after it’s over. “When you plan a very small wedding, you can go very big on the details–and get exactly what you want!” says Sandy Wieber, co-owner of The Bayfront Marin House in St. Augustine, Florida.

There will be less stress. Smaller weddings have fewer moving parts, which means fewer things can go wrong. In addition, the stress of a big wedding–making sure to meet all your guests, the pressure of making everyone feel welcome, the intensity of all those people–can take away much of the fun of your wedding day, says Jeff Kear, owner of Planning Pod. “A smaller wedding takes away all those extraneous pressures so you can focus on each other and fully take in the moment.”


You can focus on your vows. Small weddings allow you and your fiancé to be “present” in the words and vows of your ceremony. You’re not worried about the band setting up on time or will the linens be pressed properly, you are surrounded by love and love is all you need to focus on at that time, notes Jolyn Saramaga, a destination wedding travel consultant.

You’ll have more venue options. Smaller weddings are more conducive to the intimate spaces that aren’t typically equipped to host large events. “With a lower guest count, brides have the option of saying “I Do” at their favorite local vineyard, brewery or restaurant, a romantic mountain inn, an art gallery, etc.,” says Kristen Ley. “This allows couples to choose a ceremony and/or reception spot that better reflects who they are as a couple, rather than the sometimes cookie-cutter feel that larger wedding venues produce.”

More time with guests

You’ll have more time with guests. By hosting an intimate wedding, you guarantee that you will see everyone that night and you are celebrating with truly your closest family and friends. “I’ve worked on weddings of over 500 people and there is no way to work a room that size and say hello to all your guests,” says Randolph. “So why not make the wedding smaller and be able to speak with everyone who has come to celebrate?”

It’s easier to have a destination wedding. Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted and invite your nearest and dearest, says Event Designer Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer. “Enjoy a welcome dinner instead of a rehearsal dinner and a post wedding brunch with activities planned for the rest of the weekend. It’s much more cost effective for 10-20 instead of 100.”


You’ll remember the day. “Large weddings are beautiful, exuberant events, but we frequently hear from our brides that everything they worked on for months and months was just a blur,” says Wieber. “A small wedding allows you to focus on the details, hear all the little jokes amongst your guests, spend quiet time with your mother–you will truly experience the day.”

Save for house

You can plan towards other goals. You can move towards your dream of owning your own house. Pay off your student loans and go out to eat more often. Buy a new car. Most marital arguments–particularly in a young marriage-center on money. Take those issues off the table, and put your money where your future is.