The Most Adorable Baby Announcements For This Christmas Season

Announcing a pregnancy is one of the best news that can be given, regardless of the time of the year. However, if you have just learned that you are pregnant and Christmas dates are close you can make your pregnancy the best Christmas gift for your partner, family, and friends.

What better than giving away the news that next year you will be one more in the family? There is no gift that can match it. So you can take advantage of these festive dates to share with those around you the joy of waiting for a child in an original and above all, surprising way.

Here are some very emotional ideas but mostly original, fun and creative so you can announce your pregnancy at Christmas and make these parties unforgettable for those you love the most.

Now that you are clear that this year you will surprise everyone, you can organize and plan different ways to announce that you are pregnant at Christmas, depending on who you are going to say. There are many original ideas to announce the sex of the baby to your friends and family.

Having a grandson and seeing how a son is going to become a father is one of the happiest moments that future grandparents can have. Imagine making this moment one of the most special of your life, and also do it at Christmas in front of your whole family.

If you have recorded your partner receiving the great news you can record a video of the moment, wrap it and give it as a gift to future grandparents. Be sure to give it to them in a place where they can see it so that they are with you when they discover the future new incorporation of the family.

Do you know the signs that are placed on the cars that say “baby on board? What do you think about giving future grandparents one that says” Grandson / onboard “? Accompany the gift with a dedication in which you suggest that this gift is what they lacked in their car, in their day to day, etc. They are your parents and the parents of your partner, so surely there is a joke, something you know they want you can put in the note.

Many people like to give crafts and objects made by them, so if you are your first grandchild, what better way to do “the guide to show off grandchild in the park”? You can put pictures of your grandparents, of “future grandparents” with you or with your partner when they were young, recommendations, and especially with humor. This way you will have a gift that is not only fun but also very emotional.

If you plan to give the news of your pregnancy in traditional Christmas lunches or dinners you can always choose to make baby-shaped cookies or even lucky cookies. To communicate the pregnancy to future grandparents, tell your parents or your in-laws that you have dessert.

Cover image by Studio Phrene